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April 14, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

While I've made it clear on this site that I'm not satisfied that there is enough hard data on the Japan quake to argue conclusively that it was induced, there are a number of sites stating this case, one of the most interesting of which is the following:

HAARP Magnetometor shows Japan quake was induced

This same data has popped up on quite a number of other sites as well, and that's the problem: we need more. The article is an exercise also of assertion based on threadbare evidence: one lone HAARP graph is used to argue a doozie of an assertion: the quake was artificial.

My own approach remains what it was: we have to look at a wide spectrum of data of all different types before we can conclude, even as a prima facie case, that the earthquake and tsunami may have been induced, though, as I've said elsewhere, I definitely lean to that view.

We need data, good data, on (1) the quake's epicenter as nearly as can be determined, by a variety of seismological sources; (2) the output not only of HAARP during this time period, but, if obtainable, from the other HAARP-like arrays elsewhere in the world, including Europe's (i.e.,, Germany's EISCAT), including frequencies of broadcast and the power and so on, (3) the wider political context, and finally (4) a good analysis of the initial explosion at the nuclear power plant, which, when I saw it, did not look right and still does not.

As I've noted elsewhere, the political context was for me the most deciding factor I've seen to date that argues, in my opinion, for an artificial inducement; however, the problem here is, that the initial scenario that I was toying with in my mind, that it may possibly have been a strike by the Anglo-American bankster-elite crowd against a Japan looking increasingly like it was severing ties to the Western bloc and reorienting itself - to coin a deliberate pun - to the other Asian powers, China, Russia, India, fails in the light of recent revelations regarding a possible hidden nuclear weapons program taking place in Japan, and at that facility. In other words: why would that elite strike at its own plans and facility.Other political scenarios suggest themselves, but again, none of them are terribly plausible.

So I am still left sitting on the fence, to this day, though as readers will understand, I continue to look at the whole puzzle; while I am sitting on the fence, in my guy, something about the whole thing still does not feel, or smell, right at all. It was, like Haiti and Chile, a "convenient" quake...