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April 29, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Today is the final post - for the moment - in my examination of the strange Japanese Bearer Bonds scandal. I have proposed, thus far, that:

1) The episode is intimately related to the wider political and geopolitical changes in Japan, changes that could have prompted a "retaliatory" strike;

2) The episode is intimately related to the wider financial meltdown in the derivatives bubble, and the bailout aftermath, with the corporate and banking elites of this country demanding no oversite of their use of the bailout money, acting as if they were somehow being secretly blackmailed by some hidden player; and

3) The episode was perhaps indicative or suggestive of a covert funding mechanism of covert space operations and perhaps even of Richard Dolan's idea of a "breakaway" civilization.

One of the things that most strongly suggests that a nerve was exposed in the whole episode is a final anomaly: the two Japanese caught by the Italian Guardia di Finanza in the whole "counterfeiting and smuggling' scheme were, get this, subsequently released and have since disappeared entirely!

Imagine an "ordinary counterfeiter" and "smuggler" being caught with the goods and then released! No way! This fact alone indicates, to my mind, two possibilities:

(1) No one wanted them to talk to the Italian authorities, and hence reveal secrets that had to remain secret. Pressure was applied on Italy, and the men were duly released; or,

(2) Their release was part of the operation - whatever it was - and the Italian authorities were in on it from the beginning.

Given this hugely speculative scenario as I have broadly outlined it in the past few blogs, I incline to the first view, namely, that this represented the apprehension of two men involved in something huge, and that that had to be kept secret at all costs. I continue to think the Guardia di Finanza was tipped off by someone, but by someone wishing to inhibit the wider implications of the operation. Some have alleged that the "final sin" of the Japanese may have been to release too much of their Lunar data, and that the earthquake was the response. Given the total context of what I've been outlining in previous blogs, it could form at least part of the picture.

There is one final anomaly. When the Guardia di FInanza discovered the bonds, it also discovered authenticating bank documentation. The question that has never been answered satisfactorily, to my knowledge, is what bank authenticated these bonds? If we could ever find out, the story would take on even more credence that the bonds were authentic...making the scenario presented in these blogs even more plausible.

At the minimum, my own opinion is that the financial scandals of the last three to four decades deserve re-appraisal in the light of the broad scenario outlined in these posts (and I realize that I have only painted in the broadest strokes, and deliberately so).  Look for these thoughts to reappear again, in yet an entirely different context, in a future book!

See you on the flip side!