April 28, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

As you can gather, we're not done with the Japanese bearer bond scandal, as there are some remaining miscellaneous things that we must consider.

As has been noted in previous posts, at least ten of the bearer bonds recovered by the Guardia di Finanza were so-called "Kennedy bearer bonds" denominated in the unheard of amount of $1,000,000,000. In searching for pictures of the header and obverse of these $1 billion bearer bonds, I found this:

Now, on the surface of it, this looks entirely faked. Before we consider this image, let's compare it to an image of a legitimate $500,000,000 US Treasury bearer bond:

Now let's compare. (1) Note first that the legitimate bond on the bottom has the clear read seal of the United States Treasury clearly stamped on the obverse of the header, with the coupons clearly visible beneath the note; (2) this seal is clearly missing from the "bond" on top, lending credence to the publicly stated evaluations of these bonds as plain counterfeits.

But let us consider once again the implication of the view that the "bond" on top is a counterfeit. First, why would anyone issue such a counterfeit bond, with no evident connection to or seal of the US Treasury on the bond itself thus only drawing attention to its potential counterfeit nature? Second, why would anyone issue a counterfeit bond for such an extremely high amount of money, an amount virtually guaranteeing that any potential purchaser would immediately seek to verify the bond?

I submit that there is a message being sent by this bond, and it is a message that works regardless if one views this strange securities instrument as legitimate or faked, for note the reverse of the bond: we have a clear image of the Moon, a clear image of the space shuttle lifting off, and on the obverse, the image of President John F. Kennedy, and a read seal of some sort. Consider then the imagery and the message being sent here. A read seal of the US treasury only appears on American currency notes - United States Notes - issued directly and debt-free by the US Government. Kennedy was the last president to order the issuance of such money. He was also, of course, the president that set the goal of American space exploration in the 1960s with his designation of the Moon as the target for manned landings before the 1960s had closed.

So to my mind, there is another message being sent in the bearer bonds episode, and that is, it has something to do with space. The important question here is: why would a bond-smuggling operation, whether or not the bonds were real or counterfeit, be smuggling such instruments, and my conclusion is, that we may be looking at a part of the funding mechanism for a vast covert space program, with the "collateral" clearly imaged on the reverse of the bond header itself: space, and whatever might be found out there. Hence, the use of a red seal - connoting a debt-free money - might be significant. We might, in short, be looking at a funding mechanism for covert space activities and programs, and hence, be looking at a very real bond, with, quite literally, the Moon as collateral. We might, so to speak, even be looking at a hidden funding mechanism for Mr. Richard Dolan's idea of a "breakaway civilization." If so, that would account for the virtually total absence of news coverage of the story in American media and its virtual disappearance as a story in the rest of the world's media. If this admittedly wild and radical, not to mention completely speculative scenario is at all true, it may be the hidden reason why the USA has not publicly gone back to the Moon, and why other nations are so intent on getting there.

All this now places the Japanese political context once again in a peculiar perspective, for recently the Japanese Space Agency, JAXA, began releasing images of the Moon, including these stunning images in 2007:

Japanese HDTV Moon Images

Consider only this strange photo taken by India's Chandrayaan lunar probe:

We can easily imagine that the High definition tv images that Japan's mission gathered were equally impressive.

Which brings us to a second strange miscellaneous anomaly. (To be continued)