April 2, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Yesterday I made my usual video Fireside chat News and Views from the Nefarium, and at the opening of that video, I mentioned that with the recent events in the world - the BP oil spill, the Japan earthquake, the Libya mess - that I felt as if we were living in the Apocalypse Theater, and I asked if anyone else felt or thought that way as well, and asked for why they thought that way.

Well, my habit when I blog is to search various news sites for things that interest me, or that I'd like to comment on, or that I think others might be interested in or might not know about. As a result, I like to visit a view sites regularly just to see what's up. Yea, that means I even tune in to the dreaded idiot box for the latest Matrix News from See BS, NBC, ABC, Fox, CNN (Cable Non-News), and so on. Well, this morning(which is Friday morning actually even though this is scheduled for Saturday) I checked in with google's news and here is a direct copy-and-paste of what google is saying are the eight top stories: read that correctly: in spite of the nuclear meltdowns in Japan, a Middle East running amok, a massive geopolitical realignment going on, what interests Americans are the domestic jobless rate (entirely understandable), the NASDAQ performance... and then comes all the hallmarks of American barbarism with its galloping and somersaulting march into irrelevance and insanity: we are more interested (according to google) in the LA Dodgers, American Idol, .... well, you get the picture...

...and it's a bleak picture. Marie Antoinnette is reported as allegedly having said, when informed of the plight of France's lower classes and the brewing revolution that would follow their not being able to obtain bread, "Let them eat cake."  The world is changing at a record pace... and America is focused on NASDAQ, the LA Dodgers (they belong in Brooklyn anyway), the Dallas Mavericks, and American Idol.

American Idol is aptly named... indolent America needs an idol, for the old messianisms of American culture - its boundless and almost messianic faith in its own government and leaders - are crumbling.

.... can anyone recommend a good country to move to?