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April 8, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

While this article is old, it is timely:

Renewable Energy Prospects Rise with Nuclear Unease

What it interesting here is that those nations - China, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, and one could name many others - that have relied on nuclear (fission) power to feed their growing voracious appetites for energy are reassessing their commitment to fission-based nuclear power.

Rightly so. If anything is brought home by the disaster in Japan it is that even under the best of circumstances and all the ingenuity that man can muster, fission-based nuclear power is to invite disaster, for obvious reasons. China and Europe both are planning increases of budget and research and expansion into renewable energy, including solar.

Solar I regard as one very important, very under-utilized source of energy. But let's face it, we need diverse sources of renewable energy as well, and it is high time for those hidden technologies to come to light. And if they're not there, it is high time for this nation to embark on the kind of project that the Manhattan Project was; we need serious funding, and serious research, not only into solar, geothermal, wind, and fusion energy, but also a government, and scientific community, that will begin seriously to examine the claims for other technology.