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May 28, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well while we're following the global realignment taking place because of Washington's foolish "full spectrum dominance" policy, China and Venezuela have made a quiet little announcement:

Venezuela, China to launch satellite next year

Let's look at this in a larger context. The first factor we must recall is Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision a few years back to place a Russian naval base in Venezuela.  This move, as I've noted elsewhere - The Byte Show for example - was met with nary a peep of protest from Washington, which had already committed itself to military adventures in Afghanistan and Iraq. Imagine the reaction to the presence of a permanent Russian naval base in this hemisphere under Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan... "Russian naval squadrons in Venezuela!?!? Ausgeschlossen!"

The reaction from Russia and South America to the out-of-control and insane imperialism of American's real corporate rulers could have been predicted; it had nothing to do with Mr. Chavez's socialism, and everything to do with what Mr. Putin repeatedly had warned Washington not to do, for in the wake of the collapse of Communism in Russia, Washington promised to to extend NATO into the former Soviet Republics such as Byelorussia and the Ukraine in an effort to "encircle" the Asian colossus. Of course, that promise was quickly broken and NATO has indeed been expanded. Then came Mr. Brzezinski's little "South Ossetia" misadventure, a problem and threat to Russian national security which Mr. Putin quickly and unilaterally resolved.

Secondly, it is interesting to note the purpose of this satellite is to monitor "troop movements" and that this satellite, according to the Venezuelan science minister, will be made available to other South American nations. This is a clear message to Washington that China and Venezuela perceive America's foreign policy as a threat, and this is a signal that the Anglo-American elite might finally have cracked; America is perceived as the threat and danger. We might speak in reality now of a final break between the "Anglo" and the "American" part of that elite; the one faction is now two. China is bidding for allies and friends in this hemisphere, and Latin America, so long raped and bullied by the instrumentalities of American economic power, is ripe for the picking. In this respect, we need to watch the moves of the major regional powers there - Brazil and Argentina - very carefully, for both China and Russia have signaled by all these moves that they've had enough, and Washington will simply not be able to dictate policy for the whole world.

We need only look at the recent trip of President Obama to Ireland to "find his Irish roots", and his incredible gaffs at the royal reception, to see that messages were being sent by Washington and understood by London: the game is over. Why else would the President have "mistakenly" signed the royal guest book with the wrong date, a date commemorating the Irish revolution against British rule? This followed Obama's curious speech from the White House in which he was flanked by pictures of Presidents Jefferson and Madison, with the Washington monument clearly visible in the window in the background: three presidents who defied the British.

Thirdly, this is an inevitable consequence of Washington's - or rather, the Pentagon's - insane policy of "full spectrum dominance," a policy wherein the Pentagon announced its intentions to be the dominant power in every field: finance, economics, technology, space, military....everything. This known policy, Zbigniew Brzezinski's enunciation of American foreign policy in The Grand Chessboard, American projection of military power into the Middle East, the recent - and in my opinion alarming - address of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to Congress.... all of this inevitably provokes not "full spectrum dominance" but reaction by those powers to being assigned a subservient role.

The bottom line is, we are losing, not gaining, friends, and losing them rapidly. Watch South America - and Africa - and watch China and Russia (and India) carefully, for in my opinion, we're witnessing a massive geopolitical realignment, and this satellite is the signal, from space, that these nations are not going to sit idly by and allow the USA to monopolize it for itself.