Cosmic Warfare


May 12, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

One of the readers of this website sent me an interesting article that appeared in The Register in the United Kingdom, and I link it here because as readers of some of the papers in the members' only area will already know of my interest in ufo researcher and scholar Richard M. Dolan's idea of a "breakaway civilization," i.e., the idea that the pursuit of advanced and exotic propulsion and aerospace technologies has led, quite literally, to an underground hidden civilization utilizing these technologies to constitute a whole new society that has broken away from the rest of humanity.

DARPA, NASA to Spawn Starship Enterprise

What is most interesting about this article is not so much the idea that the USA wants to build a ship capable of reaching the stars and turning humanity into a genuinely space-faring race. After all, as I pointed out in one of the members' only white papers, there are abundant statements from those involved in American black projects that suggest not only that such technologies were under development, but also that the science behind them was an off-the-books physics that was different, in some respects, from the publicly known physics.

Rather, what is of interest here is the notion that the funding mechanism was to be utterly free of government oversight, a proposition I have explored much more fully in members' only papers, and that I have suggested in my speculations on the meaning behind the Japanese bearer bond scandal. And now, this article appears, somewhat "corroborating" that independent funding mechanisms are being deliberately sought by DARPA (The Defense Advance Projects Research Agency) and NASA, to do precisely that.

Again, I must be honest with my readers here, and state that when I read this article, the needle on my "suspicion meter" went into the red zone, for such revelations or messages only seem to come out after the practical steps have long been in place, suggesting that the actual organization and funding mechanism have been in place for quite some time, and is not, as the article suggests, a sudden and recent flash of inspiration in the minds of DARPA and NASA planners. Consider only the implications of the idea that this funding mechanism is to be a private entity, for in short we are being told - albeit subtly - that such technologies are best left in the hands of some private corporate elite.

But wait a minute.... isn't this exactly what has already been the case in American black projects, or, for that matter, in the Nazi International (if one accepts my hypothesis of the existence and research interests of such an organization)? What is truly frightening about this article is the obvious: even in American black projects as currently constituted, there is still some measure of connection to the American government and therefore to the American people, for ultimately, the source of funding for these projects come from them. Whereas, in the case of a hypothesized organization such as the Nazi International (or any similar such group), the funding mechanism ultimately has no connection to governments at all. Indeed, I believe one of the principal reasons that the Ronald Richter fusion project in Juan Peron's Argentina was shut down, was to remove all vestiges of outside influence over postwar Nazi research.

What I am suggesting, in other words, is that with this article, we are being told about conclusions and steps that were reached within the American black projects community years ago, namely, if it was to compete with such an opposing independent entity, it too had to become more or less independent from the very government that was sponsoring its projects. This has even been suggested in a number of UFO-Majic-12 documents whose authenticity is disputed, particularly in those documents associated with the so-called Cooper-Cantwheel set. But now we need not bother with issues of authencity: the idea is now being floated publicly.

This isn't therefore, a news item or an article in the proper sense. It's a message.