May 26, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

I thought this was very interesting from any number of perspectives:

Egyptian pyramids found by infra-red satellite images

What I find so compelling about this is that first of all it is confirmation of the fact that radar tomography is indeed being used to find and identify archaeological sites hitherto unknown or unexplored. It opens the possibility that similar imaging was done in, well, Libya for example, or South America, where sites lay under the jungle overgrowth and very possibly even underground, or Mesopotamia, Persia...  ... Israel .... ....Well, if you're paying attention, that's all the "hot spots" in the world (excepting South America, and by all accounts, they're pretty fed up too), and that raises the question: just what may be really going on?

I've never hesitated in my belief that the incursions into Iraq had, at least in part, the objective to secure priceless antiquities for "someone." Earlier, internet rumors - which in my opinion lack sufficient corroboration though there are suggestive ideas - abounded that similar radar tomography might have been employed to find sites in Libya. And now, we have Egypt, the installation of a new regime, the removal of long-time antiquities tsar Zahi Hawass, and now we're told there are new sites to excavate.

While it's nothing more than an intuition at this point, I don't find any of this, for a moment, coincidental. While we're witnessing the quiet explosion of "democracy" all over the Middle East, while the Israeli prime minister addresses Congress while out own president is playing ping-pong with the British prime minister, something else, it seems to me, is quietly going on.

Which brings us to a second point: Let's suppose for the sake of argument and speculation, that "they"  are indeed looking for "something." The question then becomes: what? Information, for one thing. There are endless tales of "lost halls of records," and as I myself pointed out in Cosmic War, if one takes the ancient Mesopotamian texts at their literal word, the Tablets of Destinies themselves would certainly be candidates.  And there are the possible mummies that might be found: a rich honeypot of DNA information for geneticists to pour over in their reconstructions of the history of the human race.  Indeed, that alone make the story interesting and makes the information to be gained almost priceless.