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Good news. Giza Death Star now has user to user chat. It appears on the lower right of the web site, and works for all logged-in users, unpaid or paid (non-member or member) who have registered a log-in on the site. This means if you have the site up at the same time as another visitor, you can chat with them. It doesn't display a list of current visitors (your/their privacy is important). So you actually have to sort of say "I'm here" or something like that, if you want to see if anyone's around to chat. This isn't meant to take the place of comments on posts/articles/videos on the site or on the Facebook posts, but just to give you a way to chat with each other live, so you're not restricted to either 1:1 w. the good doctor, or only asychronous communication with each other. Enjoy - we'll look forward to your feedback on whether you find the chat useful, or beneficial.

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