May 20, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Yesterday I wrote a bit about cold fusion and the late Dr. Eugene Mallove, but there's another part of this story that begins, you guessed it, in Nazi Germany in 1934, when scientists subjected a developing fluid to ultrasound waves, and noticed the phenomenon of "sonoluminescence." For those of you who have ever been on a large ocean liner or motor boat, at night, and stood near the stern and seen a light glowing in the water around the propellers, that's sonoluminescence: the sound causes cavitations in the water, turning small regions into a buble of gas, and as the bubble implodes, releases a burst of light.

Needless to say, some scientists are now proposing that sonoluminescence constitutes yet another challenge to conventional models of thermonuclear fusion, and some are proposing that the "bubbles" of sonoluminscence" actually reach fusion temperatures of millions of degrees Kelvin:

Tiny Bubbles Implode with the Heat of a Star

What interests me here are two things. First, there is the fact that Oak Ridge National Laboratories is investigating the phenomenon, and concluding, albeit tentatively, that sonoluminescence may compose a new class of thermonuclear phenomena. But if so, then this puts the second point of interest into sharp relief.

Let's go back to the fact that the phenomenon as such was first investigated in 1934 in Nazi Germany. Two years later, as I report in Nazi International, Dr. Ronald Richter claimed to have observed something unusual about plasma shockwaves, something that convinced him - as he would later explain in Argentina almost a decade and a half later - that shockwaves could, under the right circumstances in a rotating and electrically stressed plasma, induce fusion phenomena, and these in turn could perhaps be a transducer of some sort for the zero point energy. Shockwaves is simply another was of saying sound waves, and let it also be recalled from yesterday that Dr. Mallove pointed out that unknown equipment, circuit, or materials parameters seemed to be inducing the cold fusion phenomenon, albeit erratically once again.What Richter seems to have noticed, that no one else - to my knowledge - seems to have factored into their experiments, is that the plasmas in stars are rotating, and he deliberately set out to reproduce that in his own experimental configurations.

What we come down to, if we factor in the total picture - early Nazi experiments in sonoluminescence, Richters claims, Pons and Fleischmann, the Japanese interest, and obvious American interest in the same sorts of phenomena in spite of public derision of people like Pons and Fleischmann (or Richter) - is that these phenomena are serious and worthy of investigation. We may also be assured that if these are the things we've been publicly told, then the likelihood of actual hidden breakthroughs in various black projects only increases. Eventually, someone will put it together, and design combine these various avenues of approach into a more comprehensive picture, and design experiments accordingly.