Project Camelot - Richard Hoagland - Joseph P. Farrell

Appearing in Camelot Roundtable

Project Camelot - Richard Hoagland - Joseph P. FarrellI will be participating in the upcoming Project Camelot Roundtable with Richard Hoagland and others on June 24th, 11am Pacific Time (1pm Central, 2pm Eastern). [Register Early], because prices are temporarily discounted, but Camelot plans to raise them next week.

The Camelot Roundtable discussion will concern Elenin - the brown dwarf - and/or "Planet X".

These roundtable discussions have been very valuable as a way for the public to hear a dialog between various experts and researchers in the field discussing perspectives on current and future events.

There's a modest attendance fee (details are on the [Camelot site] - click the photo to take you to the registration page there). I look forward to seeing as many of you enjoy this video conference as would like!

11 thoughts on “Appearing in Camelot Roundtable”

  1. Now with the finding of water on the Moon the possibilty of it on Mars. and the larger moons of Jupiter an Saturn can afford to dismiss planet X I think not only time and exploration will tell.

  2. I would say they will talk about why no planet x is coming in.

    IE there was an ancient comic war and a planet was blown up.

  3. Kerry is too much of a believe without proof type of person and I find it hard to buy in with these kind of things…now Joseph and Richard should bring a big dose of reality to the conversation.

    I recall Richard on some program basically saying that no, there’s no approaching planet X…so what can somebody cover in this conference .

  4. we need more hoagland and farrell in the Netherlands…..this great events are always in the U.K. and or the U.S.A.

  5. Finally they are bringing you back!
    I’m sure yourself and Mr Hoagland will be excellent as a tag team so to speak. 🙂

    Kind Regards

  6. Dashiell Cabasa

    can’t afford it…will anybody shell out for ME i wonder? No! lol Its turning inot yet another racket

    1. ???-

      Kerry Cassidy does not adhere to any doom-and-gloom-end-of-the-world belief scenario whatsoever- one of her interviewees does, but both she and Bill Ryan publicly put this man’s testimony (if I recall correctly it was Patrick Geryl- sp.?) under a high level of skeptical scrutiny-

      Larry in Germany

      1. No, from all their videos Kerry and Bill take the widest considerations with what they know into serious consideration during their interviews. Have much respect for them.

        David, Ellensburg, WA

  7. I’m at work then. Will it be available to view in archived form later if I sign up for it?

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