Project Camelot - Richard Hoagland - Joseph P. Farrell

Appearing in Camelot Roundtable

June 16, 2011 By gizadev

Project Camelot - Richard Hoagland - Joseph P. FarrellI will be participating in the upcoming Project Camelot Roundtable with Richard Hoagland and others on June 24th, 11am Pacific Time (1pm Central, 2pm Eastern). [Register Early], because prices are temporarily discounted, but Camelot plans to raise them next week.

The Camelot Roundtable discussion will concern Elenin - the brown dwarf - and/or "Planet X".

These roundtable discussions have been very valuable as a way for the public to hear a dialog between various experts and researchers in the field discussing perspectives on current and future events.

There's a modest attendance fee (details are on the [Camelot site] - click the photo to take you to the registration page there). I look forward to seeing as many of you enjoy this video conference as would like!