June 7, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well the latest chapter in corporate greedsterism - if I may be permitted to coin that word - is being written as we speak. This latest example of the inability of the "corporate person" to exercise any sort of normal humanity speaks for itself:

Florida Insurers Cancel Homeowners Policies

One can easily compile justifications for this policy, but the bottom line of it all is that while certain corporations consider themselves to be in the demigod category of "too big to fail" their attitude to the very people that keep them in business is "too small for us to care." But there are more important considerations: if the big insurers are abandoning insurance of homeowners because of their exposure to a "weather danger zone," then by the same logic, where does it stop? Will they cease insuring homes in tornado alley for the same reason? Will flood insurance no longer be sold for people living and farming in flood plains - some of the richest agricultural land available? Will people in earthquake zones no longer be able to get insurance?

The bottom line here is really that the reasoning is entirely specious unless one wants to entertain wild scenarios, which I will gladly do here. Why establish this precedent at all unless one wanted to expand the role of government into private life via making government the instrumentality of home insurance. Once this is done, the government can then regulate what takes place in that home directly.

There may be something else at work here as well, namely, the agenda of bankrupting an already bankrupt economy, and simply seizing property outright after a disaster. After all, these are banksters we're talking about, and their playbook hasn't changed in millennia. Is all of this pure speculation? Of course it is, and nothing more. But one thing should be noted as a certainty: if the "logic" these companies are applying in Florida continues to hold and be applied consistently - if in other words it is reflective of a hidden agenda - then we can expect to see similar tactics being followed in the future with respect to home and business owners in tornado alley. Funny, too, isn't it, that we're seeing such horrendous tornado outbreaks all over the place? Can you say "weather derivatives?"