Conspiracy Theater


June 13, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Yesterday I blogged about the emergence of Russian Television's ('s) English language news service, with its glitzy high production, no-nonsense research journalism approach to stories. Well, I must confess that I didn't stumble on to this, but rather, was clued into it by my co-author of Grid of the Gods, Dr. Scott D. de Hart. When he sends an email that says "you've got to see this!" I sit up and pay attention. I wasn't disappointed. In fact, I spent the whole evening watching its live news coverage, and then viewing a couple of its extended reporting on various "stories."

I ran across two more that I found very interesting:

The Alyona Show: Brzezinski - โ€˜NATO More Relevant Than Everโ€™

If you scroll into seven minutes into this show (the Alonya Show), you'll discover Ian Brzezinski (yea, regrettably Zbig was doing more than plotting world domination, but planning his own little dynasty) being interviewed by an attractive Alonya who speaks nearly flawless American English. Watch it carefully, and watch an increasingly nervous and uncomfortable Ian fielding questions that are not the pre-screened pabulum of an American "debate" or "town hall meetings," trying to answer questions about how NATO expansion and encirclement of Russia is a good thing for world peace and security. Well, the Mongols, the Swedes, the Teutonic Knights, the French, and the Germans, have all in turn underestimated the Russian people, to their great folly and disaster.

As if that's not enough, then there's this:

US cloaks lies with bigger lies - campaigner

Once again, RT tv appears to be analyzing the mood of the American people very carefully, and running stories and interviews that play directly into the deeply rooted fears and perceptions in this country that yet again our corrupt political and corporate leadership are leading us - and the rest of the West - into yet another disastrous military adventure, all in the service of the hidden agendas of banksters, the IMF, the World Bank, and all the other instrumentalities of post-war private international financial power. I read this, once again, that Russia is playing for very high stakes and is taking a very long-term view of things...

...and I cannot help but be of the opinion that it is gambling on a direct appeal to the American people, and positioning itself as the media-of-record to what it may perceive as a captive people in the grip of a government and corporate elite completely unresponsive to the public good; I cannot shake from my mind the image of what the BBC became to a captive Europe in the darkest hours of the Nazi occupation. Of course, we're a long way from that, but it is interesting that Russian media is investing an enormous amount of money on this venture. I for one, am sitting up, and taking notice, and though I reserve all due skepticism, I find myself admitting I am less skeptical of what I've seen on this media outlet, than on any of those "American" media outlets self-congratulating each other for being "great Americans," for rt tv appears at least willing to think outside the conventional liberal-conservative pre-programmed dialectical box that passes itself off as journalism in this country. I don't know about you, but I've definitely added rt television to my news-channel surfing.