June 12, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well, if you're watching the American "media," you might have missed the following juicy little tidbits:

In case that link doesn't work, google, then just type in "Secrets of Big Dirty Money" into their search engine. Normally I don't like to does this sort of thing, but I think this story-documentary says quite a great deal, and does so on a multitude of levels, all of them quite important.

First thing to be noticed here is how carefully the themes of this documentary were established and carefully researched. The Russian English news service knew who to contact, what independent research groups to interview, and on what subjects. Notably the story goes into a depth of investigation on matters that have yet to be seen in similar depth covered in the corporatized politically compliant American news media, which as an independent investigative arm, has all but collapsed. Russian television has, in other words, read the mood of the English-speaking West, and in particular, the cynical mood of the American population, and has stepped in to fill the void(we'll see another example of this in tomorrow's blog).  We'll return to this point in a moment.

However, the most important point - and message - occurs toward the very end of the documentary, when the Russiantv interviews the Swiss lady investigating American banking practices, and when she states clearly and on the record that the "Anglo-saxon" banks - with pictures of big English banks - and their American counterparts had succeeded in applying the principle of extra-territoriality to force Swiss banks to give up their old practice of banking anonymity, in order to step in and seize the tax-evaders' money, an estimated 13-14 trillion. That figure should raise eyebrows, because it is almost the same figure as the out-of-control US federal debt. Additionally, the subtle message is being sent that those very same Anglo-Saxon banksters - I would call them the City of London-Wall Street group - are planning to step into the Swiss practice of anonymous banking for themselves. In other words, the Swiss banking practices had to be modified so that the Swiss would be replaced in their traditional role by the London-New York  bankers.

Which brings us back once again to the fact that this is all coming from Russian television and therefore, ultimately, from the Russian government, which has now stepped into the news media role in the West in a major way with high-production value, and genuinely informative news and documentaries. In my opinion, this depth of analysis, this targeted interview of supposedly independent research groups, means that Russian tv is being fed some very sophisticated social analysis - intelligence - and is being let loose to (1) fill the vacuum and cover the stories the American media will never do, and (2) to capture the large cynical audience in America that knows there is something drastically wrong with our own news coverage, our political and corporate leadership, and to present an alternative that plays directly to our own suspicions of those institutions.

Russia is playing hardball here, folks. They've stepped into the picture in a major way. They have analyzed the social currents in America and Canada, and for that matter, the UK, and they are aiming to drive across their own point of view directly to the populations of those countries, bypassing their corporate and government leaders completely. This is the Kremlin speaking directly to those concerns in a manner and fashion that the propagandists of the former Communist regime of that country could only dream about. This is sophisticated, savvy, intelligent, and for the most part, true. Move over, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, and look out banksters: notice has been served. More tomorrow....