Well, as promised, Mike Flanchered returned for one final interview before he goes off on another world tour, this time interviewing co-author Dr. Scott D. de Hart and I:



  1. Marco Malservisi

    HI there where can i find the interview that Mike made to Joseph Farrell mentioned in this post from Joseph himself?could you post here the possible web link?thanks


      1. Hi Dr. Farrell,

        thanks so very much for your response- greatly appreciated-

        the video went by too fast to see (or not) that it’s an illusion-

        as for “Disneyland”: well, you yourself know what kind of mind-control technologies are behind Disney and his “world”- I guess I was a bit appalled that De Hart would subject his son to this illusion, unless De Hart has already explained human manipulation to his son- ?

        you wrote: “I kid you not.”

        yes, Dr. Farrell, I am more than aware that you “kid” NO-ONE!-

        which is why I’m just such a tremendous fan of yours and your work 🙂

        many warmest regards,

        Larry in Germany

  2. So we managed to survive the great comet/brown dwarf/asteroid. What a surprise!
    One other thought: shouldn’t you get rid of the Upcoming (non) Event on Elenin, since it’s best forgotten at this point?

  3. Kent Brashear

    Dr. Farrell, you knew you couldn’t hide from the paparazzi forever, not even in South Dakota. And Dr. De Hart, looks like you’ve fallen in with Hacks-R-Us.

    The History Channel can’t be far behind.

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