June 20, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Genetically modified foods are in the news again... well, sort of anyway. But a careful read will disclose some interesting and disturbing features about American "agribusiness":

Flashback: When Cocaine and Monsanto’s Roundup Collide, War on Drugs Becomes a Genetically Modified War on Science

I hope you caught that: Monsanto is simultaneously developing an herbicide, and crops resistant to it, which, in the goofy "logic" of corporate greed, is now producing unexpected consequences: a super-resistant weed that will require even stronger herbicides to kill (and thus raising the possibility that it will mutate again, &c ad infinitum). Then throw into this mix a Federal government that not only accepted Monsanto's own dubious tests of its own products, but a "war on drugs" that, the last time I checked, wasn't going too well, but hey, it keeps the prisons full and the stockholders of the private prison companies that run them happy.

The article alleges serious fraud on the part of Monsanto. Well, fraud may or may not be involved, but it is curious that, back in the Reagan-Teflon administration and continuing on into the administration of King George the First, the elder Bush was involved in hosting "quiet meetings" at the White House with members of "agribusiness" for the express purpose of pushing through weak regulations that basically allowed those companies to claim "substantive equivalence" between their genetically modified crops on the one-hand (thus requiring no real scientific testing of their potential hazards), and on the other, allowing them to patent their dubious herbs and reap a huge profit from their sales.

You cannot have it both ways; you cannot argue "substantive equivalence" on the basis that genetically-modified crops are simply "tweaking" the normal processes of breeding certain traits into or out of plants in a slow Gregor Mendel-like process, and thus by-passing the normal requirements of scientific testing on the on hand, and turning around and patenting your crops on the other. This is nothing more than the American empire run amok once again, and in the process, once again, South America is paying the price.