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June 28, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

As most of you know, I've been following the ecoli outbreak in Germany, and earlier referenced an article noting that the strain appeared to have signs or indicators of having been genetically engineered. Then, I ran across this article.... see if you catch what I caught:

WHO: E. coli outbreak may be from super-toxic new strain

Now, let's stop first of all and look at the sources for this story: MSNBC, running a wire service story of the Associate Press, which references the WHO(World Health Organization).

I must be honest and note that I have suspected, since this story was first reported, that we might be dealing with a deliberately concocted version of ecoli  here, and that Germany was the target for a variety of reasons, not the least of which were its increasingly and generally pro-Russian foreign policy, its refusal to join the rest of NATO in the Libyan feeding frenzy, and so on.

It is the sequence of events here that bothers me: (1) Libya, (2) German refusal to become militarily involved, (3) ecoli outbreak, then (4) Sudden announcement by Obama and Merkel that Germany would have some sort of unspecified role in the post-Qaddafi settlement in Libya. I've earlier noted that China and Germany are major trading partners, and that China has (or perhaps it would be better to say, had) major interests in Libya, and that thus German involvement, from the Chinese point of view, in the post-Qaddafi settlement might be a good thing.

So... in that context, it is intriguing to me - extremely intriguing in fact - that not only are German scientists looking at this weird strain of ecoli, but that the Chinese are as well. One can only guess at what is being discussed on the hotline between Beijing and Berlin, but my guess is that the Chinese Premier and the German Chancellorin are not pleased at what their scientists are telling them.