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June 16, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well, let's see, in the last week Reuters told us that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was definitely slated to become the new head of the IMF in the wake of the arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn for alleged rape, a story which Secretary Clinton's office quickly denounced in the clearest possible terms (something about a bunch of "crap", their word, not mine), and then CIA director Leon Panetta was moved from the CIA into the Secretary of Defense slot to replace outgoing Robert Gates (you remember him? he's the guy that sent that nasty message to Japan about not doing certain things like realigning with Asia because that would bring severe consequences, and then we had the earthquake and nuclear meltdowns?That Robert Gates), and Panetta's slot at the CIA being filled by General Patreias.

Gates, in his farewell speech to NATO, blasted America's allies for cutting their defense spending while America continues to bear the load of the imperialism of the elites that really run it (and can you really blame the Europeans?), and basically hinted that NATO is falling apart, in spite of the flowery rhetoric spewing from Ian Brzesinski's mouth as I blogged earlier in the week, and as was captured on RT TV. Then we also learned that in spite of Germany's refusal to become militarily involved in bombing Qaddafi from power for his blatant refusal to keep accepting worthless bankster dollars and euros for his oil and insisting on gold, that Germany would indeed "be involved" in any post-Qaddafi "restructuring" of Libya.

I smell China here, for China had and has heavy investments in Libya, and Germany is another large trading partner with China and probably the best "neutral party" to mediate between Asian interests in that country and the West. In other words, I do not read this so much as Washington pressuring Berlin, but rather, as Berlin and Beiking as pressuring Washington. I also viewed the shuffling of the deck chairs during all of this as indicators of more factional infighting, among the bankster elites of London and New York on the one hand, and the Europeans, led by France and Germany, on another. The banking moves following Qaddafi's abortive attempt to demand currency payments actually worth something, following China's sell-off of huge amounts of American debt, means that we're entering a new stage of the "war" going on behind the scenes. Watch post-Qaddafi Libya, and Germany and China, very closely, for in my opinion, they're holding some very high cards...