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June 27, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well it's about time for a little good news from the world of genetics... and a warning. First, take a look at this little article from The Guardian in the United Kingdom:

Geneticists discover technique to tackle mutant DNA

Notice that the technique involves fixing the "stop" program in mRNA that tells the genes to stop making a particular protein too early. As the article notes, this would be a boon to be able to treat, and ultimately possibly eliminate, certain dreadful diseases such as cystic fibrosis. This is, for once, some good news being reported from the world of genetics, rather than the usual business about monstrous chimeras, biowarfare weapons, GMOs and all the other things the mad scientists and their corporate backers have proposed.

But there is, I submit, a reverse side to this new technique: one could, once one knew how to turn these "early stop" signals off, just as easily learn to turn them on.  More importantly, one could possibly learn how to turn them on and off throughout the entire genome, causing....causing God knows what.

The point here is, like all human technologies, this one could be used for great good, and for great evil. The bottom line good news is, that every such revelation or discovery also allows us a glimpse into the perverted possibilities that will be thought of eventually - if they haven't already - in the corridors of corporate and governmental bureaucratic power. All we need do is to put ourselves in the frame of mind of their own mad scientists, "pervert the possibilities," and then search for the details.