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July 31, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

While we're watching the sock puppets in the House, Senate, and White House smile unctuous smiles in their costly tailored suits, drawing down salaries most of us would be envious of, and assuring us that what they do is for the good of the shareholders of the Federal Reserve.....woops, I meant to say, for the public good of the American people, in Europe whole countries are dissolving into fiscal chaos...Greece, Italy, Spain. And there is only one country in Europe, when all is said and done, that really stands to benefit, at least according to Peter Oborne of the U.K.'s Daily Telegraph:

European Meltdon and new empire for ...?
I take a certain grim satisfaction in these types of analyses, for I have, readers of my books know, been promoting the hypothesis that there was indeed a postwar Nazi International, an international fascist organization, well-financed, with tentacles and connections into American and Russian intelligence, finance, the corporate world of the West, and with deep penetration into America's black projects, and capable of continuing to conduct its own research into advanced physics concepts and aerodynes. I have also repeatedly bumped into the assertion that Martin Bormann, far from being a Soviet agent as many maintain, was the planner of this postwar organization, and that among its plans were the creation of a European federation that Germany would be able to dominate, not with tanks, diver bombers, and heavy artillery, but with - in a statement attributed to him but which I have never been able to verify - "by elastic political means."

Well, it would appear those elastic political means are upon us, according to Oborne's article. And it is worth pausing to consider what this hypothesis - if true - will mean for the future of a Europe dominated largely from Paris and Berlin. Fiscal integration will inevitably bring about military integration, and for this purpose, the French and German militaries are, bar none, some of the best equipped and trained in the world. A Europe dominated increasingly from Berlin will increasingly take on the look of the German Federal Army, with equipment integration, and an increasingly unified command structure and one that, I suspect, will be either increasingly independent of NATO, or we will see the Germanization of NATO's command structure.

But wait.... that Germanization of Europe's military is already well under way, and has been for some time. The Dutch, Belgian, and Swedish armies have already made Germany's Leopard II tank the mainstay of their armored formations. The Eurofighter is increasingly deployed by European air forces, an aircraft in whose development Messerschmitt-Belkow-Blohm played a major role.

And there is another consequence of Oborne's thesis... If order in southern Europe collapses completely, then inevitably, militaries will be called upon to restore order... Let us remember, that it was post-reunification Germany's unilateral recognition of breakaway Croatia that led ultimately to the crackup of Yugoslavia. Requests for peacekeepers came shortly after that, and of course, long before NATO acted, Germany did, by sending the first contingent of German troops outside the borders of Germany since the Second World War.

Whether all this will happen I do not know. Germany has proven reluctant to engage in foreign adventurism, as witnessed by its flip-flop over Libya. But as Europe's strongest economy and one of Europe's major military powers, it may be a role that, howsoever reluctant the politicians in Berlin may be, will be forced upon it.