July 18, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well, as we watch the cloned clowns of American tv media "informing" us of the latest congressional budget debates, the sock puppets are failing, as usual, to scrutinze the one area of the federal budget that needs the most scrutinizing: the military. As our educational system - fraudulent as it is - is falling ever more under the control of edubabblers (that's "doctors of education"), falling standards and "standardized tests," as our infrastructure declines, we're spending record amounts on the military. Consider this informative article at The People's Voice:

A Decade of US War Costs

Why, one might ask, are we becoming not the beacon of freedom, democracy, and liberty to the world, but rather, a global bully, interfering in the internal affairs of an ever growing number of nations, and increasingly turning the world against us? Well, consider, since the bankster-backed policies of "free trade," beginning back in the early 1970s with the GATT (General Agreements on Tarrifs and Trade), we've managed to ship so much manufacturing overseas that the only hard things made here any more are the implements of war. Consider this article, also from The People's Voice:

The Business of America is War

Heady stuff, sobering stuff, indeed. But I submit there is yet another reason for this militarism, this "full spectrum dominance" (to give the doctrine it's official phrase), and that is, that the American military is now the "backing" of America's currency (which is, as we all know, the banksters' currency, since they, and not the government, are its issuers). It's very simple: at the first whispers of a country moving away from a dollar reserve basis, or worse, at the very first hint of a nation moving away from bankster-issued monetized debt (think Qaddafi or even Saddam Hussein here), in swoops the American military, with helicopter gunships, smart bunker-busting bombs, and pilotless drones. Fortunately, countries like Russia, China, India are simply too powerful to do that to (that's why we have earthquake machines and weather mod technology). Now, don't get me wrong, Qaddafi and Hussein are/were brutal murderous thugs. But it takes little digging to see that the same can be said of the manicured, coiffed, well-taylored banksters. Just read about their activities in Argentina in the last three decades, and you'll get the idea.