1. I have Loftus’ book.
    I bought it this past 6 months or so, more recently his book,
    along with others of such ‘subjects’ of interest and have not
    had a chance to read it yet; if I even get to all of them as my
    first love is THEIR ‘secret science,’ which is overwhelming
    in its scope and USE!
    So I’m glad you mentioned it and may move it ahead to read.
    Thank you.

  2. Thank you, Dr. Farrell, for educating me. Also thank you for suggesting good reading materials.

    I will read “America’s Nazi Secret” by John Loftus just as soon as I finish “The War of the Windsors” by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince…which I have put down for now as I am reading “The Cosmic War” by Joseph P. Farrell. In the meantime, I found this via Google:


    1. Careful Loftus legitimately got in trouble in about 2002 for saying publicly: Hey this guy in the US is a member of Al Qaeda and let me share his address with the world.

      He’s kind of jerk who will throw accusations around that serve his ends.

      1. Uh…Hmmm…

        I pride myself in being educated and informed and I fully intend to read his book(s). As I see there is a video of “America’s Nazi Secret” posted online, I will watch it.

        Other than that, your comment insults my intelligence.

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