cosmic war


July 12, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

As you may have noticed, I am blogging about space matters this week, and about the Moon in particular.  There is an interesting article on space matters that appeared at recently, and it speaks directly to the corporatization of space that I spoke of in a previous blog this week:

Why shuttles are being retired, what\'s next

...well, there it is: as far as Space is concerned, the policy of the U.S. government - or rather of the sock puppets that run it - is being turned over to corporations.

Well, we've heard this before. It was the mantra of the Reagan era: what government does corporations can do so much more efficiently and with cost effectiveness. What it led to was the abandonment of the manufacturing base as it fled overseas, to losses of American jobs, and, most importantly, to a a government even more compliant to corporate and banking interests.

So consider what NASA's plan really means, what one of the implications could be: it means nothing less than that the strategic high ground of space may be in the process of being surrendered to corporations, to factions of banking and financial interests which could, conceivably, gain access to technologies currently closed to them.  Of course, if one accepts the standard "New World Order" conspiracy views, that government is already nothing more than a puppet being manipulated by those powerful financial interests, so it could be argued that nothing changes if suddenly space is corporatized.

But I think not. Government still has real power, and it is a power that those transnational elites fear. So let's assume the "New World Order conspiracy" is true for the sake of argument, and speculate on what this move might possibly mean as interpreted within that context. In my opinion, what it means is that those elites are now making an open and final bid to "cut out the middle man", i.e., the government, and to begin to pry open ever larger roles for private corporations in space, culminating ultimately in a private military presence there, for so long as governments monopolize the technologies of space, the transnational elites will not be able to put into place their alleged schemes for "world domination." Space is an essential component to that strategic goal.