cosmic war


July 11, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Speaking of the Moon, I have in front of me a rather provocative book, by Luca Scatamburlo, called Apollo 20: The Disclosure: Moon: A Joint US and Soviet Space Mission on the Dark Side? The thesis of the book may be boiled down to the following:

"The goal of these two p[resumed secret joint space mission(sic), result of an American-Soviet collaboration, was to reach the backside of the Moon (the Delporte-Izsak region, close to the well-known Tsiolkovsky crater) and to explore a huge object found out during the Apollo 15 mission. What the Apollo 20 crew found, it was a huge and ancient alien spaceship..." (p. 36).

Well there you have it: a convenient book hitting all the memes: (1) ancient artifacts (2) a covert and joint Soviet-American space program involving the Moon, exactly as was envisioned by President Kennedy, and (3) an "explanation" as to why the Apollo program was "canceled." According to the book, it wasn't canceled at all, it just went deeply black.

The problem with this book - like so many others  of this genre - is that it is based on whistleblower testimony, and anonymous whistleblower testimony at that. The other problem I have with it is the neatness and tidiness with which it ties together so many outstanding mysteries, as if it were a story deliberately designed to do just that. Nonetheless, when added to the total tapestry of lunar anomalies, it does give one pause. If any of its  assertions even contain an element or kernel of truth, then much of the public and standard history of the space program will need to be re-written.

But there is an additional problem: if there is any truth at all to the book, then any corroboration will have to come from the larger picture, and that larger picture does indeed indicate that the possibility exists that there has been something deeply covert taking place with respect to the Moon.