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July 13, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well... if Burkhardt Heim(and for that matter, Dr. Hannes Alfven)  were still alive, this would be an "I told you so" moment for him:

The universe may have been born spinning, according to new findings on the symmetry of the cosmos

For those who don't know the name, Burkhardt Heim was a German theoretical physicist of rather extraordinary brain power, for he was both blind and deaf, and was missing both hands, due to an accident he suffered during World War Two working for the Nazis on....well, on something, we don't know exactly what.

Heim's chief claim to fame rests in a multi-dimensional "unified field theory" that, among other things, predicts coupling effects between electromagnetism and gravity - one of the holy grails of physics - and that the very fabric of space-time had a cellular and rotating structure, that is to say, space-time was quantized. I've long been intrigued with this idea, for it is a departure from the "continuum" model of the geometry of Einstein's General Relativity. "Continuum" is simply a kind of technical code word for a space-time that is infinitely divisible into ever smaller units without end. Quantization, on the other hand, implies that there is a minimum smallest possible unit of space-time, beyond which measurements collapse. It implies, in other words, that space-time is a kind of "crystal lattice."

Heim, like Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev in the Soviet Union, went one step further, and posited not only minimum cellular units of space-time, but also that these units had "rotation moments", i.e., were spinning. If this sounds like the old idea of an aether lumeniferous it isn't, for in that older model, the aether with simply an absolutely stationary backdrop in which all things moved. In the new model, the fabric of space-time itself is "rotating." And that raises a rather thorny question: rotating with respect to what?

One thing, however, that this newest discovery does do, is verify, in a very broad fashion, the idea that the lowly exponents of theories of torsion or torsion gravity have been advancing for decades, namely, that the fabric of space-time is itself a spiraling twist - shades of Dr. Kozyrev once again! - imparting a "directivity of time" and thus, that time itself was part of the geometry of physical forces.

This is, in short, an interesting development, and it will bear watching as scientists cope with how to put this data into their theories. See you on the flip side!