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August 27, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

The always interesting Russian television English language service is proving, once again, to be a source of information their counterparts in the West do not want to talk about for some reason.

Secret Space Hotel plans unearthed

Of course, we've seen confident space predictions before that never came true, and there is an aura of good old Soviet-era propaganda hovering over this article. And to be sure, the Russians would seem only too eager and willing to take the money of wealthy Westerners for a few days in outer space. I won't be joining them for three reasons. First, I'm a sufferer of vertigo, and being surrounded by vacuum and a three-hundred plus mile drop back to earth in a rickety Soyuz space capsule at 4G is not my idea of a good time(Thanks guys, but I'll wait for the carbon nanotube elevator). Second, I am not, obviously, wealthy enough to afford the trip. And finally, my ears don't pressurize well enough, making any airplane trip a nightmare, not to mention a trip in space.

But something about this hotel disturbs, and I am all too readily reminded of the statements in the Old Testament pseudepigrapha that the "elite" of the day hightailed it off the Earth prior to the Flood and the decision of the gods, or "god" to wipe out mankind. Well, so the story goes, once "up there" in the meridian of high heaven, they looked down on the Earth and the destruction below and, so we're told, some of them actually wept. It has about it the discomforting ring of Alternative Three, the nutty "tv documentary" produced by ITV in Britain in the late 1970s and early 1980s, an April fool's day joke about the kidnapping of scientists for a "secret space program" that would allow the world's elite to hightail it off this planet before global environmental catastrophe overtook us all and doomed the human race. According to that modern day pseudepigraphal story, colonies were already established on the Moon and Mars.

Well, one small Russian private space hotel is a far cry from the Old Testament pseudepigrapha or ITV's Alternative Three. But what gives me pause - and perhaps it gives you pause too - is that the basic meme of each story is present in this article, with the exception of the idea that this platform would function as some kind of life-boat for the apocalypse. It does make one wonder just exactly what is going on up there, and how many such platforms may already be in existence. I am one of those who believes - not without some justification I think - that the technological capabilities of the world's various powers, Russia and the United States in particular, somewhat exceeds the capabilities of chemical rockets and their limited lift capabilities. Assuming the existence of such alternative technologies does indeed raise the specter of "space hotels" for the elites in possession and control of such technologies. And that possession in turn means, of course, that the other memes of ancient stories and modern myths might indeed be on their minds.

So why would the Russians release such a story? Well, like everything else in the media, I tend to be cynical to the point of jaundice, perhaps a bit less cynical to RT TV than to our western "sources" of "information." But let us be clear, RT TV is a propaganda arm of the Russian government, and they know very well the structure and designs of the Western elite. Perhaps, then, this is less a story, then a message...