August 25, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

You all remember the BP oil disaster? You know, the one that went on and on, threatening global environmental catastrophe while we all watched helplessly on the news as BP did less than a stellar performance trying to get it capped? Remember, equally, how quickly that disaster dropped off the radar screen as we were served up the next catastrophe with the Japanese earthquake-tsunami-nuclear meltdown disaster, which then equally quickly dropped off the radar screen when we suddenly decided that Mohamar Qadaffi was suddenly no longer to be tolerated? and how that equally equally dropped off the radar screen so that attention could then dwell upon Assad and Syria?

Ever wonder why the BP Gulf oil spill went so quickly quiet? Well...maybe it's the suspicious deaths of so many scientists, whistleblowers, and other people that allegedly received information that not all was kosher with respect to the public story:

Dead / Jailed /Missing Scientists & Individuals Affiliated With The BP Oil Disaster Short Life Expectancy for BP Whistleblowers?

Now, in case you missed who that article is by, it's by Pat Shannan, an investigative reporter who along with Chuck Harder of the old People's Radio Network, did yeoman's work investigating and exposing the inconsistencies in the government's "explanation" of the bombing of the Oklahoma City federal Murrah Building. This investigative work was released in a two-tape set called Murder in the Heartland.

Shannan has now turned his investigative attentions to the story that dropped like a rock: the BP Gulf Oil Spill disaster. I'm willing to believe that two or even three such deaths or disappearances are coincidence. But the odds increase dramatically against coincidence the more such deaths are added to the score card. While the right wing in this country quickly spun webs of conspiracy theories all being perpetrated by left wing environmentalist nuts, or, vice versa, were being spun by the left wing to pin it all on right wing nuts, no one seems to be looking at the suspicious list of dead people associated with the story itself.

Well, Shannan's theory is different: the BP oil spill deaths are somehow related to the chemtrail story and the weird deaths of birds and fishes suddenly falling dead from the skies of Arkansas, or washing up dead on beeches. And all of these are somehow related to the suspicious death of John P. Wheeler III.

Wheeler, it should be noted, had a rather stellar biography, and was, as the following summary of his career indicates, a consultant for the shadowy MITRE corporation, a defense contractor:

John P Wheeler III: Former Special Asst to Air Force Sec, Member of Council on Foreign Relations, Consultant to Mitre Corporation Found Dumped in Landfill

That an investigator like Pat Shannan should connect the dots - MITRE, Wheeler, the animal deaths, dead whistleblowers, and the BP oil spill - is intriguing.  Whether or not that connection really exists, the fact remains: the story died quickly - too quickly in my opinion - and the less-than-coincidental deaths and disappearances of these people raises alarm bells, and should clue us all in that while the BP Oil Spill story may have disappeared from the media, the real story may only now just be surfacing.