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August 3, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

NASA is contemplating sending manned missions to an asteroid in less than fifteen years:

NASA\'s Next Mission: Send Astronauts To Asteroid

Just in case you missed it, this mission to go to an asteroid - which one has yet to be determined - by the year 2025, has (1) been set "by presidential order," and (2) may be something necessary to "save civilization."

And this is where the plot thickens. Read that part again: "The reason NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and others give is that this mission could save civilization. Every 100 million years or so an asteroid 6 miles wide – the type that killed off the dinosaurs_ smacks Earth, said NASA Near Earth Object program manager Donald Yeomans.

"If NASA can get astronauts to an asteroid, they can figure out a way of changing a potential killer's orbit. They'll experiment with the safe one they land on, Braun said."

Yesterday I blogged about Dr. Judy Wood's thesis that the World Trade Center towers were brought down  - or rather, to be more accurate, turned to dust - by a sophisticated directed energy weaponry, a thesis with which I happen to concur. Putting this NASA asteroid story into that context for the sake of argument, the story of diverting killer asteroids takes on a new significance, for this would mean that if the technologies exist to "dustify" buildings, as Dr. Wood calls it, then taht same technology could turn into harmless dust a "killer asteroid."

This bears two logical implications for NASA's asteroid objective: (1) either the USA is in possession of such technologies (and I strongly believe it is), and hence the story being put out is a cover for some other purpose in going to asteroids, or (2) someone else is in possession of them, and NASA's only way of dealing with killer asteroids is in the movie Armageddon's scenario.

There is a third alternative as well, and that is, that NASA is looking for something....