1. question: is the default issue part of corporate america — what difference does it make if corporate america defaults on their bad debt if it was illegal in the first place. The debt can’t be attached to the non-corporate land and people….except all the laws they put into place to attach together….I am confused about this…what is the truth????

  2. After living under the federal government that has done nothing but start wars and manipulate American society into misery for over fifty years now, I believe that the United States, as in the District of Columbia (Semiramis), can go the way of the dinosaurs. That’s right folks, I think all fifty states should secede and should just function as 50 different independent nations. The world would be a far better place without the United States of America. This puke about America being “the land of the free and the home of the brave” is just that: puke.

    And that federal “debt” is as fictitious as the Easter Bunny and should just be set to zero. And yes, I do realize what catastrophic convulsions American and world society would undergo immediately after such an event and I am all for it.

    All that is coming is more poverty and bloodshed and slavery and torture and tyranny so I see no reason to worry about some impossible-to-pay-off immoral and fictitious debt which is nothing but counterfeit fiat pieces of paper printed up at will and “loaned” into circulation but expected to be paid back with interest with something of real value.

    I could go on and on but I think that is enough.

  3. What I fear is the US is trying to resurrect slavery and a dictatorial political system I was watching Democracynow today and there was a segment on the show about ALEC which stuck me as a plan to reduce workers to slaves and cut back on all safety inspections of ant kind and take us back to a precivil war society shock theropy that was apply to Russia, Chile ,Hati and the murderous thugs turn loose on Quatemala since fifty four is about to be turn on us. What was it that Malcolm Little under the name Malcolm X said the chickens are coming home to roost. Money for WAR and nothing else death and misery is the US only buusiness.

  4. Reminds me of a favorite quote of mine…

    “The rupublicans want to shove fascism down our throats and the democrats want to hide it in our food”

  5. Michael Anthony

    Couldn’t agree with you more Joseph.. There are no real solutions being put forth. I can’t watch mainstream media anymore. It’s all party ideology banter and it seems more obvious than ever.

    The new website idea you’re exploring with Dr. de Hart sounds like a great idea. I think it’ll get a great response.

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