Babylon's Bankers


August 16, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Here's an interesting article on what may be lurking behind the scenes of the current global financial problems:

Central Bankers Race Toward Global Currency Solution

The article is worth pondering carefully. To be sure, it is clear that the blithering bernanke coming out of Fed chairman Ben 'International" Babble is more of the same globalist nonsense we've heard out of David "Concrete" Blockheadefeller and his ilk for the past few decades. Well, if you want to know what a global currency would look like, look at Europe and the Euro, which has basically forced healthy national economies like those of Germany and France to assume the debt obligations of other nations - Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland - and magnify that thousands of times.

Note the carefully hidden premise: a genuine currency is issued by a state, and issued debt free against the GDP of a state. But this is not what is being advocated. What is being advocated is the loaning into circulation notes of debt by private banks on an international global scale. This is a disaster for every nation - from China, Russia, Germany, Japan, France to Bangladesh - involved.

Enter the other faction that may be behind this insanity. The Bank of International Settlements was the brainchild of none other than Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht. Remember him? He was Hitler's Reichsbank president.(Oh yea, and let's remember his daughter married SS Colonel Otto Skorzeny, and Schacht himself was a close consultant after the war for... brace yourself ... Aristotle Onassis, and we all know who married him). On the board of directors of the BIS during World War Two was Walter Schellenberg, head of the Sicherheitdienst, the notorious SD or counterintelligence arm of the Reichsicherheithauptamt, which, let's recall, can be loosely translated as "National Security Agency". Also present on the BIS board during the war was Hermann Schmitz. Remember him? He was the chairman of the board for Interessen Gemeinshaft Farbenfabrikenindustrie, A.G., otherwise lovingly known to the world as I.G. Farben, the notorious, and notoriously huge, German chemicals cartel. So powerful was this company that it may very justifiably be billed as the actual Nazi War Machine.

So why am I bothering you with this history lesson? Because those who forget history are condemned to repeat it. What the BIS represented was an institution created by the Fascists in London and New York, and the Fascists in Europe, largely those in Germany, to coordinate their monetary strategy. After the war, this institution remained in existence, and was supplemented by "informal discussion groups" - the Bilderbergers comes to mind - to do essentially the same thing.

And let's remember what happened: while German, French, Polish, Italian, American, British, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, and Russian soldiers were dying by the millions in Europe, corporations on both sides of the conflict were in full and secure communications with their counterparts on the "opposite" side of the war, and were reaping enormous profits. A global currency in the hands of this crowd can only mean one thing: everywhere there will be cries of "Peace, peace" and there is no peace.