August 14, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

A Facebook friend sent me the following very interesting link from YouTube, of satellite composite anomalies occurring in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans:

These were supposedly for August 11, 2011. I must admit when I first saw this after my friend sent me this link, my reaction was divided. My mind is telling me we're looking at (1) artifacts of processing, or (2) clever fakery of someone trying to make it look as if "someone" is doing "something" with some high technology. In that respect, one need point out that the source of this composite is Composite source


Nonetheless, my basic intuition, however, is telling me we're possibly looking at something very genuine, and very disturbing.

Now, assuming for the sake of argument that we're not looking at processing artifacts or fakery, what are we possibly looking at? Notably, there is little indication on the graph of exactly what it is all this swirling around is supposed to be. Temperatures? Pressure? Clouds?  It is this fact that gives me pause, and makes my mind incline to the view we're looking at fakery. One source, however, indicates that we're looking at wind patterns, and that I find to be the most plausible.

But again, assuming it isn't, what are we looking at? I think the putative and hypothetical answer is clear: we're looking at the application of ionospheric heater technology - i.e., HAARP-like technology - being applied by "someone" to manipulate the world's weather. The important questions, if that be the case, are who, and why?

One answer that immediately comes to mind, as far as the "who" is concerned, is that we are looking at very large scale applications of ionospheric heating technologies, i.e., we're looking at those "whos" in possession of fairly large arrays: the USA and its HAARP, Europe/Germany and its EISCAT, and Russia. Perhaps we are looking at all three, but my guess - and I stress, it is only a guess - is that it is the USA, possibly in conjunction with the other two, which brings us to a potential why.

The why I think perhaps lies in the fact that the Japanese nuclear meltdown has been spewing radiation since the tsunami disaster. My guess - and again, folks, it's only a guess, nothing more, since the data is so scanty - is that this technology is being applied to minimize the effects of radioactive fallout globally, and in particular, over North America, perhaps in one of two ways: (1) my re-directing the path of fallout, and (2) by adjusting the rate of radioactive decay rates, the latter being, of course, a radical idea, but one with some basis in fact, namely, that decay rates, contrary to popular beliefs, can vary.