August 6, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

A few days ago I talked about the strange fatigue I've been feeling, and to my surprise, I received a number of comments from people around the world commenting that they had experienced it too.  Before I get to the article that caught my attention, I want to set the record clear. I maintain myself in relatively decent health, take supplements, and try to exercise. I am not a lazy person, nor have I ever suffered from chronic fatigue in my entire life. The fatigue that I have experienced comes usually - when it does come - very suddenly, and at a particular time of day, ca. 11AM. And that point my mental focus leaves, and I am exhausted, and my body feels like rubber. It comes suddenly, and externally, of this I am convinced. And it is not due to any psychological source.

As I indicated, I was surprised at the response to my blog, and decided to investigate further, when my friend George Ann Hughes of The Byte Show sent me the following link:

Scientists investigating ME get \'death threats\' for investigating psychological causes Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2020241/Scientists-investigating-ME-death-threats-investigating-psychological-causes.html#ixzz1Tl0PcJfV

Beyond the utter barbarism and absurdity of scientists being threatened with their life for daring to presume to investigate the phenomenon, there is something else in this article that disturbs me, and that is the implication that scientists are simply not listening to people like me. As I've said, my personal observation is that this started within the last two months, and - if a chronic condition - it is surprisingly unpredictable. Even the bio-medical causation explanation bothers me, because I have experienced no conditions that could lead to the sudden onsets of these fatigue episodes. Whatever is going on around the world to bring on these fatigue episodes in so many people in so many disparate parts of the world, one area that no on seems to want to investigate or even mention is other environmental causes.  If it is a global phenomenon it would seem to me that someone in fields of science would sit up and take notice, and investigate. Instead, governments (and corporations) seem to be throwing money at pre-conceived solutions, without genuine investigation. If this experience resonates with you, I'd like to hear from you.