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August 7, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well, if you haven't heard about the latest scam of globalist-environmentalist-corporatists to intrude upon and run every aspect of your life while they rake in money, consider the following articles:

The Green Sheen Wearing Thin- How Corporate Environmental Organizations are Providing Cover for the Mounting Ecological Catastrophe of the “Smart Grid”

SMART METERS: A triple threat

USDA Attacks Rural America with Smart Meters

There you have it: meters on your gas, your water, your electricity, that, should you stray one BTU, one pint, one nano-watt above your government-approved energy-resource use rating, will reach in and shut you off.

Only the clueless power-mad and insane globalist banksters and corporatists could come up with this one. We needn't worry whether it was Maurice Strong, Al Gore, David Rockefeller or any of the incompetent twits and lackeys that we call "world leaders" (pronounce that like Baron Rothschild, please, that's pronounced "Wuhld Leaduhs") or whoever that came up with this one. We know the game-plan well.

Step one: They'll start out by putting smart meters on everything, but the usage rating will be so high that no one is ever shut down or off, so no one will notice, everyone will acquiesce, and go along.

Step two: Then, gradually, those ratings will go down, and down, and down for everyone (except in the baronial manors of the super-rich).

Step three: one day you'll be cooking your dinner on your gas stove, boiling water, and bringing dinner out of the freezer, or, like me, trying to eke out a living writing books and pecking away on your computer (which will also have a smart meter regulating how many hours you can spend online), and "poof," the gas is shut off, the electricity is shut off, and the water is shut off.

Corollary: This will happen, of course, in the dead of a freezing winter during a blizzard, or in the scorching heat of summer (both of which they have engineered through some pretty nifty weather modification technology), all the result of global warming of course.

Step four: They will then charge their customary fee for the reconnection of "service" on top of the fines you will incur for going over the ratings they impose on everyone but themselves.

And to think, we called the Soviet Union the "Evil Empire"!