August 23, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

There is a quiet war going on in Iran, one not mentioned in the press, and this is the assassination of Iranian scientists that may be involved in Iran's nuclear program.

Murdering Iranian Scientists

Don't get me wrong. The fact that Iran has a government whose President openly pledged on more than just one occasion to wipe the entire nation of Israel out of existence is not a nation that has any grip on sanity or reality.

But please note also the article's clear insistence that the intelligence agencies of the USA themselves, after careful analysis of Iran's program, have concluded it is not being done in an effort to produce an independent Iranian nuclear deterrent. It is, as the article avers, a schizophrenic game:

"We can reduce this even further. It appears the one part of the CIA is involved in the attacks on these scientists because of nuclear weapons research another part of the CIA tells us is not taking place.
What sort of schizophrenic game is being played out here?

"First, complicity in the program of assassinations is a part of a policy that flows from a certain worldview. That worldview is anti-Iranian (this goes back to the 1978-79 Iranian revolution and the holding of American hostages), anti-Muslim (assuming a “clash of civilizations”), and pro-Israel (solidified by the power of the Zionist lobby)."

The conclusions that Professor Davidson draws are ones any rational person would draw:

"Therefore, no matter how benign the Iranian quest for nuclear energy is demonstrated to be, it is metamorphosed into something malignant by the demands of the prevailing worldview and its standing assumptions. This, in turn, justifies the attacks on those involved in Iran’s nuclear energy research."

Why then the current hype to inject even more intervention into the Middle East? To my mind there is another agenda than that simply of a skewed world view and "clash of civilizations" viewpoint (the viewpoint advocated and argued in Samuel P. Huntington's Clash of Civilizations). The West's economy is, at best, shaky, thanks to the wild greed of City of London and Wall Street banksters, and when their ponzi schemes inevitably approach collapse, invariably, their solution has been war.

This time around, let sanity prevail. The Iranian people want war no more than we do, notwithstanding the insanity of their leaders. Behind them are the much bigger guns of China and Russia. It's time for our elite to admit the facts: the age of American unipolarity is over (if indeed it had ever really begun), and there are problems that need to be addressed here at home, and international problems that can and should be addressed diplomatically, not from the barrel of a gun or "smart drones".