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I thought I should include a quick update about the situation in Europe and in Germany. According to the Daily Bell, Chancellorin Angela Merkel's coalition government is crumbling as Germans voice opposition to the European bailout deal negotiated earlier between Merkel and French President Nicholas Sarkozy:

EU Hits a German Wall


  1. Good Sir, I love your books. Several, especially, The Cosmic War, have been read more than once.
    I underline & use post-its because it’s a joy to return to the thought provoking & think. Respectfully, Jack Hunter

  2. simon says: “Any comments on Fulford’s offering from today?

    Fulford: “In a related development, multiple sources claim two of the underground cities, one near Washington D.C. and another near Denver, Colorado, were destroyed by nuclear weapons last week. Some sources, also connected to intelligence circles, however, deny that such an attack took place.

    Nevertheless, if the seismographic graph of the so-called earthquake that hit Washington D.C. last week is not a fake, then it appears that indeed a nuclear weapon was detonated at or near a known underground facility. Instead of showing a series of small quakes building up into a huge one as seen in natural quakes, the graph shows a sudden huge shake followed by smaller after-shocks typical of an explosion.

    The message to the cabalists seems to be simple: “you will not be given access to your underground shelters while the rest of us die.”

    —Benjamin Fulford, August 30, 2011
    Secret meeting of 57 finance ministers on ship charts new financial system

    1. Two things make me suspicious. Two of the sources that claim these events comes from Steve Quayle, who takes many of his stories directly from sorcha faal/david booth, who I’ve found to be one of the most unreliable sources, if not a dispenser disinformation.
      Second, note that in some of these reports there are several nukes “floating” around in these secret tunnels networks unaccounted for throughout the country. This raises the question of who could possibly have access to these highly restricted areas and have atomic weapons that are somehow unaccounted for? The story seems too far fetched and an even greater stretch in credibility than even I’m able to extend it.
      If anyone has any reliable sources to confirm this, I’d be greatly appreciative to them for posting them.

      1. Sorcha Faal…say that fast…sounds like sucha fool…its the biggest disinfo site out there!!!! Its most likely counterintel/pro…

  3. Joseph,
    Any comment on the unavailability of your Facebook page and Hoagland’s too.

    Any comments on Fulford’s offering from today?

    Thanks Simon

  4. there has not been one word about this in the MSM German press/TV/radio-

    not one-

    which means there’s probably some truth to this report-

    I guess we’ll just have to sit back and wait and see how the agenda within an agenda within an agenda ( it’s called geopolitics), etc. plays out-

    Larry in Germany

    1. Geopolitics isn’t the agenda within agenda…geopolitics is the politics of geography…George Friedman is the single best source of it on Earth…worth every penny…

      Agenda’s within agenda’s are conspiracies and they are a fact of life 🙂 You committed one this morning when you took that phone call…

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