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August 8, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell you, I'm only human, and every now and then I have to blow off steam, to vent, otherwise, I, like you, would explode. It's been a little more than a week since the "debt debate" between the Dummycrooks in the Senate and White House, and the Republithugs in the House, and their shills on CNN, FOX, ABC, &c, all interviewing each other on what they thought about it. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty much still disgusted by it. Of course it was the usual finger-pointing: your party set record spending levels, no your party did. Our credit rating will drop from triple A status by the ratings houses (the same ratings houses, incidentally, that gave triple A ratings to the derivatives that led to this mess in the first place, and which they promoted). And of course, all the while, in this financial apocalypse theater, while the "two" parties were pointing fingers at each other, financial confidence itself took a few hits, not to mention the jarred and jittered nerves of the American people.

No one seemed to have noticed that this whole mess they all knew was looming in the first place, and did nothing. So much for leadership from the White House, from the Senate, from the House. At the last minute, a deal was worked out, and legislation - which no one seems to know the deals of (shades of Nancy "Midnight Gunner" Pelosi) - has been "crafted." Dummycrooks want higher taxes on corporations making record profits, a stupid idea in the NAFTA-GATT free-market disaster that they and their Republithug counterparts have placed the country under in the last few decades, since that would only drive even more dwindling jobs overseas, and the Republithugs are chafing under the cuts in the defense budget for all the wars they've gotten us into (add Libya to that in the Dummycrook column), and it all adds up to a colossal bi-partisan mess.

The debt ceiling will be raised, and raised again, and raised again, so that the banksters can sit in their manors and continue to clip coupons, while the rest of us pay for Midnight Gunner Pelosi's "health care" and G.W. Bush's "War on Terror" and our smart meters.

During the whole debate, there was one voice notably absent from the interviewing panels of CNN, FOX, ABC &c, and that was Congressman and former presidential candidate Ron Paul. One can only guess at what he might have said - being a supporter of the idea of the abolition or nationalization of the Federal Reserve (you remember that? that was the wonderful institution given to us by the "party of the people" under Woodrow Wilson back in 1913 - but we can guess. In the whole structured "debate" paraded for us by the shills of the American media, and the sock puppets in the White House and Congress, no fundamental issue was really raised. And already we hear the jockeying for the elections of 2012: if only our party (insert Dummycrook or Republithug here) had control of all the branches of government, then we could accomplish something.

Well, I for one am not buying either product.