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Apologies to everyone, but I have to cancel tonight's vid-chat. I initially had posted a notice that it would occur as usual on my Facebook wall, but I have been hit - quite suddenly - with diarrhea and am feeling sick and exhausted, so I would ask everyone's indulgence, and I hope to see you all next time. I will post a vid-chat schedule within the next few days, for the next two months. Again, apologies!


  1. Hmm? Suggestion try or look into silver colloid I kid you not it is amazing if you travel alot, eat strange foods, and worried about over use of antibiotics. Go on the3 net look for silver wire “tools for healing dot com” or various other places. Cost maybe 14 bucks for two pieces of silver wire, two jumper clips from radio shack, 1-3 9v batteries distilled water(best), tap water or even purify water right out of a lake or stream.

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    I wish I had known about this years ago but due to my sanitized education by modern medicine, a degree in biology, history, and religion.

    James or Jimmy D.

  2. I’m really sorry to hear that.
    You have no idea how bad I feel for you,
    because hardly anything is from ‘nature’ (natural)

    I didn’t like the tone of this sudden fatigue
    you go through now & then, either.

    I hope it’s not an “uhoh.”

  3. Sorry to hear that, I pray to you for a speedy recovery and continued heath afterwards.
    I look forward to the next video chat.

    Peace be with you Joseph.

  4. Gee. There goes my Friday night! I guess I’ll have to spend time with my wife. We’ll be in the same boat. Just kidding 😉
    Get well.

  5. Very similar to what hit my family this past week — but we’re a few states away from you. Nasty bugs with, quite possibly, nasty pedigrees. Hope you’re feeling much better soon.

  6. holy SHIT, Dr. Farrell…!!! 🙂

    in all seriousness, please be well again soon!-

    God bless-

    peace, love and health-

    Larry in Germany

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