cosmic war


September 8, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

There are two more curious images of Vesta I found browsing NASA's site, where the originals below are available here

and here:

We'll look at the last one first:

Now look at two very curious features, highlighted by the arrows below:

Note first the almost straight line that the ridge runs in, towards the large crater at the top center-left of the picture, then note the crater that looks like it has been "stretched" toward the top of the ridge. While there might be any number of explanations of these unusual features, it is again worth nothing that mother nature rarely operates in straight lines. TheĀ  stretching - if that's what it is - may be due to enormous tidal influences but one would expect to find similar other features if that were the case, and in this picture at least, one does not. So it is an unusual feature.

Then we have this:

I have to admit this one I find perhaps the most perplexing of them all, and even to admit perhaps I'm seeing look at the feature highlighted by the arrow:

What struck me was the almost checkerboard pattern of the crater impacts visible here, and if one looks, it forms a rectangle, with sides to the left, underneath, and coming up the right beneath the arrow. Whatever one makes of all these features, Vesta is a strange little world indeed.