Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on Sept. 9, 2011, delivered an informative speech in New York City at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. The speech, for those who know the name, could have been written in the 1950s by George Kennan, or even Frank Wisner of the State Department's notorious Office of Policy Coordination. Clinton stated that the US would work to create strong stable democracies around the world and that "We are waging a broad, sustained and relentless campaign that harnesses every element of American power against terrorism, and even as we remain tightly focused on the terrorist network that attacked us 10 years ago, we’re also thinking about the next 10 years and beyond..."

Part of this effort has included encouraging and secretly funding the dissident movements' "spontaneous uprisings" in the Middle East, and the Obama Administration has been covertly funding Iranian dissident movements since 2009. Clearly, we are injecting power by any means possible into a volatile and dangerous region of the world, all in an effort - in my opinion an ultimately futile one - to preserve an empire and its energy resources.

There is a lesson, perhaps, from history here, in the Gladstone government's efforts in the 19th century to put down a similar "dissident" movement in the Sudan, a lesson we'd do well to remember. Then, British general and war hero General Charles "Chinese" Gordon led a small British expeditionary force to defend Khartoum against a horde of Islamic fundamentalists led by a man claiming to be the Islamic messiah, the Imam Mahdi. This episode was even made into a movie staring Charlton Heston and Sir Lawrence Olivier. Gordon's expedition was wiped out by the overwhelming numbers of the Mahdi's forces, notwithstanding all of General Gordon's tactical skill and superior British firepower.

We need only remember that the first modern populist movement in that region, led by Mossadegh in Iran, was popular in the West....until Mossadegh made moves to nationalize the Iranian oil industry and wrest control of it from the British and American petroleum interests...then, of course, the CIA mounting its now infamous coup d'etat planned by Kermit Roosevelt that installed Reza Pahlavi as the Shah, a man whose brutal regime brought the ultimate blowback and the even more brutal regime of the Ayatollahs. We have not, apparently, learned our lesson.

What intrigues me, and it surely must intrigue most people, is why all these dissident movements, while ousting notoriously corrupt and inhuman regimes like Mubarek's seem to be ushering in political philosophies ostensibly even more at variance with Western views and values? Why fund and aid and abet further instability in the region? While I do not like entertaining speculations or conspiracy theories, Secretary Clinton's speech gives me pause, for it is a clear statement of the intention to extend American power by all means available. It can only be, in my conclusion, that such "regime changes" are desired, as if to create the conditions for a war which will allow the unrestrained destruction of a culture, and the projection of unrestrained power into that region. We will be no more successful than Darius, Alexander, Titus, Justinian, Khosroe, or Gladstone. Their successes were fleeting, their empires have come and gone.


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Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. Thomas Mattingly on September 22, 2011 at 1:30 am

    Hi Joseph, Antoine, MQ, RB, JB, CQ et al ~

    Possibly, probably, maybe: So many misconceptions (IMHO), and so little time…

    In the 1920s, ever since JP Morgan & Co. founded the now-Rockefeller-interest-dominated Council on Foreign Affairs (a spin-off of UK’s Royal Institute of International Affairs), UK/US ‘Bankster’ interests have dominated US foreign policy. See “Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy” by Murray Rothbard at http://www.lewrockwell.com/rothbard/rothbard66.html. In addition, after your “Babylon’s Banksters” book, Joseph, is anyone surprised?

    Joseph, you say: “Clearly, [USA is] injecting power … to preserve an empire and its energy resources.” Yes, Joseph, the Anglo-American Empire may be a failed or failing empire (possibly more similar to a “failed state” than we’d like to acknowledge); however, Hillary, Obama & the Repugs all know who still controls the geopolitical & geoeconomic games — for now.

    Yes, Obama/Bush, Wall St., City of London et al have funded dissidents in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Germany (e.g., Hitler), Falkland Islands, Nigeria, Sudan, Libya & Vietnam. What do these nations have in common? ALL were/are threats to the scarcity-based control power of the now-failing, debt-money-based, hydrocarbon-energy empire of the Anglo-American-based ‘Banksters.’

    As an arcane example, and for the (principal) OIL angle in the Vietnam War, see “Black Gold, Hot Gold: The Rise of Fascism in the American Energy Business” at http://web.archive.org/web/20100821223532/http://brojon.org/frontpage/bj050701-3.html (After B-52-bomb-fed seismic testing of South China Sea oil fields, in a 1995 documentary, “[A Rockefeller OilCo] president … stated, ‘It was quite a coincidence that we finished our offshore oil survey [i.e., the B-52-fed seismic testing] on the very last day of the war, just as the last helicopter was leaving the roof of the embassy in Saigon.’” Coincidence?).

    Nevertheless, what most may be missing is that a purpose of such conflicts may be to SHUT DOWN hydrocarbon & other energy flows – NOT to obtain it, export it & use it. For example, despite the Iraq War allegedly being “A War for Oil,” NET Iraqi oil exports are now LESS than during the 1990s-UN-sanctioned, Saddam-Hussein ‘Sneak Oil’ years — by design (IMHO), to maintain high oil prices AND cheap-energy scarcity (to benefit OilCo & ‘Bankster’ interests).

    Sudan is another example of a covert, oil-flow-retardation & energy-scarcity-maintenance policy. Despite then-already Muslim-demonizing in 1966, “Khartoum” is a movie well worth (re)-watching. Available at http://ThePirateBay.org/torrent/4694530/Khartoum_1966_WS_XviD_MultiSub_-_WunSeeDee_-. Brits still remember their late-1800s loss to Sudan leader Mahdi. Thus, with US$10B+ in recent US/UK ‘bribes’ to South Sudan leaders, South Sudanese tribes voted for resource-rich South Sudan to secede in January — divide & conquer. Next: Resource-rich Darfur? Please note the continuing conflicts in Sudan (esp. in South Sudan) — tribal but NOT religious conflicts, fomented by Brits & Yanks to SHUT DOWN oil flows & other resources (esp. to China).

    Iran is a nation rich in Brit-Yank ‘spook’ lore. Iran also has oil & gas (with a US$400B+ contract to export NEW oil & gas to China). Yes, a purpose of the 1953 CIA coup was to reverse Mossadegh’s oil nationalization. However, few know that a purpose of the CIA/MI6/KGB coup against the Shah was to prevent his use of Persian oil money to develop Persian and other resources & infrastructure (i.e., in competition with World Bank & IMF). See “Hostage to Khomeini” by Bob Dreyfuss & much other little-known info on CIA/MI6/KGB 1979 coup involvement. In part, Khomeini, his successors & the Muslim Brotherhood then took Iran back to the ‘Stone Age’ (pun intended).

    Joseph, you say: “What intrigues me … is why all these dissident movements … seem to be ushering in political philosophies ostensibly even more at variance with Western views and values? Why fund and aid and abet further instability in the region? … It can only be, in my conclusion, that such ‘regime changes’ are desired, as if to create the conditions for a war which will allow the unrestrained destruction of a culture, and the projection of unrestrained power into that region. We will be no more successful than Darius, Alexander, Titus, Justinian, Khosroe, or Gladstone.”

    Yes! That may be the purpose. The Brits & Yanks – puppets though they may be – are succeeding. ‘Fear, Doubt & Confusion’ may be our foreign policy; and “If it bleeds, it leads” may be our local news policy (i.e., it is). The rich & powerful get more rich & powerful; and the Middle Class & poor get more poor & less powerful. What’s wrong with that? Isn’t that ‘The American Way’? Regardless, it’s happening – despite the alleged best intent of the Republithugs & Dummycrooks.

    Nevertheless & regardless, this may also be the way of the ancient ‘Banksters.’ Coincidence?

    P.S. ANTOINE: For a how to lesson on how to bribe national warlords, see books, audios & videos of John Perkins (e.g., “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”).

    MQ: Yes! Fomenting self-determination-precluding chaos may be the name of the game. With chaos, we continue to have very little ‘new energy’ & resource- infrastructure development. The junk-science ‘Global Warming’ hoax and the Carbon-Credit market scam serve the same purposes.

    RB: No! Israel/Mossad is the ‘bitch’ of the USA, not vice versa (which is NOT to say that David Ben Gurion didn’t BLACKMAIL the Rockefellers into delivering South American votes in the UN for recognition of the modern state of Israel – he did). Rockefeller/Rothschild-type interests control them both. In addition, per research reported in “Babylon’s Banksters” (independently verified), the Rothschilds may not even be Jewish. ‘The Big Lie’ may be even bigger than what you say that it is. Arabs, Israelis, Persians, USA & others may ALL be the ‘bitch’ of these ‘Bankster’ others.

    JB: Yes! Is it any surprise that ‘we’ might be doing the same thing to ‘our’ friend Mexico (an oil exporting nation, but not a member of OPEC)? In real estate, it’s “Location, Location, Location!” In geopolitics & geoeconomics, it’s “Energy, Energy, Energy!”

    CQ: A fully-disclosed “global technocracy” might not be bad. What we may be missing is full disclosure, which may usher in a new order of the self-determining, energy-&-resource sufficient abundance in which we now (unknowingly) live. The old NWO is now failing. Yes, America’s so-called leaders may now intend America to fail in its old-NWO-like objectives. However, ‘WE’ may now be turning the tide to a new-world “global technocracy” that may empower us all. Really.

  2. Jay Becker on September 21, 2011 at 7:42 pm

    They are setting the region up as a way to expand the war . But am I the only one to see what they are doing just south of our own border. We just gave the Mexican government 3 Blackhawk choppers to go along with the 5 we gave them earlier in the year. The ATF/DOJ supply the cartels with automatic weapons and explosives. 35,000 killed since 2006. They are either setting the place up to collapse or they just want them to kill each other off so they dont have to later.

  3. Antoine on September 21, 2011 at 4:54 pm

    In a nutshell, money is made at the expense of someone else. Someone has to lose. If you kill a government, then walking in with a suitcase of money to bribe the winning warloard in charge is easy. And then you can make money at their expense.

  4. MQ on September 21, 2011 at 12:03 pm

    “What intrigues me, and it surely must intrigue most people, is why all these dissident movements, while ousting notoriously corrupt and inhuman regimes like Mubarek’s seem to be ushering in political philosophies ostensibly even more at variance with Western views and values? Why fund and aid and abet further instability in the region?”

    I’ll put in my 2 cents on this. From a rather simplistic perspective, you could consider that the TPTB run the planet is like the way the stock market works. They *need* volatility in order to make money. For example, if the share price of B of A is nearly static (at say, $5/share) over a period of a year, a shareholder would make no money. BUT if you can create some problem via rumors, insider trading, sabotage, etc and can get the share price to drop down to $2/share (picking up all that the panic sellers are dumping), then put out data (or TBTF govt support) that buoys the price back up to $5 then you’ve made yourself a nice bunch of change, meanwhile killing the stability of the avg pleb holding those shares for his retirement.

    I suspect they view any country/region in a similar vein and look to manipulate it accordingly. And if a bunch of “useless eaters” die in the process, all the better, according to their twisted values. Of course in any event, TPTB are never interested in free beings who might make decisions counter to TPTB corporate needs. Therefore it always makes sense to keep injecting chaos rather than letting anyone become self-determined.

  5. Robert Barricklow on September 21, 2011 at 11:05 am

    Actually, the Mossad want to forment civil-war throughout the middle east region, with arabs fighting arabs. Not good U.S. policy, but when has U.S. policy ever cared about U.S. interest. Our foreign policy is engineered by Israel interests & their lobbies.

  6. Citizen Quasar on September 21, 2011 at 7:34 am

    The people who are taking over this planet, the people who have already taken over this planet and are now just consolidating their positions and maximizing their theft of the productivity of humanity, are using the UNITED STATES as a mere front for the establishment of their global technocracy.

    One of the goals of this planetary takeover, its endgame for that matter, is the annihilation of the United States of America. The forces of evil will use the UNITED STATES to establish the globalist authority and agenda in various regional areas and the more it costs Amerikans and the more it weakens the economy and the will of the Amerikan people, the more it suits their plans and the more it accomplishes their purposes. Two birds with one stone, so to speak.

    Those politicians in Amerika who speak out in favor of this agenda are no more interested in the preservation of any kind of “American empire” than they are in preserving American freedom(s). They HATE Americans and the very concept of freedom and they seek to suck the life force out of as many Amerikans as they can before killing us all.

    These mouthpiece sock puppets of the New World Order [Billary Clinton…UGH!!!] are no more loyal to Amerika than they are loyal to their oaths of office. The have NO loyalty to Amerika, the Amerika they seek to destroy.

    I keep seeing you, Joseph, saying, or at least implying, that the power trip that the Amerikan war machine is on is one intended to project AMERICAN power across the face of the Earth. I strongly disagree with this. The people egging this Amerikan war machine on [Billary Clinton…UGH!!!] have NO such intention. I fail to see why a man of your knowledge and intellect, a man who sees the little man behind the curtain at almost every step of the way, keeps falling for such tripe.

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