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September 22, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

While we're reliving the horrible events of 9-11 in these past two weeks, and hearing all the endless rehash of the official conspiracy theory (and admit it, that's what it is...we've come a long way since JFK!), it would do everyone well to recall that a number of intelligence agencies around the world, including our own, had given American government officials warnings of the attack:

1) The Israeli Mossad dispatched two agents to Washington to brief American officials on a threat that it said emanated from Al Qaeda and Bin Laden, and, according to the Mossad, included Iraq (UK Telegraph on Mossad Awarnings);

2) the NSA's own Project Echelon also was hitting the alarm bells of an immanent attack(INternet Article Citing Frankfuter Allgemeine Zeitung on BND warning);

3) The same article by the Frankfurter Allgemeinezeitung also notes that the German Bundesnachrichtendienst also warned both the USA and Israel of the possibility of an immanent attack, specifically involving airliners, against prominent US and Israeli public targets;

4) Additionally, there was, as is now known, in the days before the attack, unusually high activity in the placement of put and call options on the NYSE and Chicago exchanges, whose owners have yet to be identified(See the review of this evidence at Put and Call options pre-9-11);

5) As the above link also notes, several officials and prominent public figures cancelled travel plans that day(There is also a useful timeline of pre-9-11 events suggesting a vast context of foreknowledge here: Timeline of pre 9-11 foreknowledge);

6) A previous attempt to crash an airline in Italy during the summit meeting there had President Bush escorted away from the Motel(Bush removed from hotel in previous months due to terrorist threat).

On and on we could go. At the minimum, we are looking at at least some level of US government complicity, even if that complicity lies only at the level of incompetence and ill-preparedness(which, knowing the state of things in the D.C. cesspool, is entirely possible). Like the JFK assassination, however, the deeper one probes into just the foreknowledge anomalies, the shakier the official explanation looks, and the stronger the 0-11 Truther's "op within and op" scenario looks.  But what about the deeper symbolism?  See you on the flip side...