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September 20, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Lest we forget, the crisis in Fukushima, Japan, concerning its reactors and the fallout therefrom, is still ongoing, and so, it would seem, is the conspiracy theory manufacturing industry. Of course, there are the usual suspicions about the earthquake that supposedly triggered the tsunami being caused by HAARP or some similar technology, and indeed, I remain open to that theory. Then there are numerous variants of the deliberate destruction of the Fukushima plants by explosions, including small tactical nukes, an example of which is here:

Nuclear devices set-off Fukushima says ex U.S. official

I cannot help here but recall that similar (and in my opinion nonsensical theories) were advanced in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City Bombing by former FBI agent Ted Gunderson and my INSLAW-connected Michael Riconosciuto, who maintained that a small fuel-air device - the product of advanced technology in American's black projects attempting to engineer a "clean" hydrogen bomb incidentally - was what brought the Murrah building down.

But the idea of a tactical nuke here is ridiculous, since even a .1 kiloton device, a standard "small" tactical nuke, will do considerably more damage than what is seen at Fukushima at either the reactor 1 or reactor 3 buildings. A kiloton, let's remember, is the yield equivalent of 1000 TONS of TNT, that's 2,000,000 pounds of TNT, and thus, a 0.1 kiloton device would be a mere 200,000 pounds of TNT, or about eight of the gigantic 25,000 bunker busting WWII grand slam bombs the Allies used to attempt to destroy hardened German U-boat pens.

For this theory to be credible, the structures housing the reactors would be totally obliterated, and they are not. But there is indeed something fishy, as commentator and researcher Lew Rockwell points out:

Fukushima Unit 3: Steam-Explosion Theory

This is indeed a much more plausible model, though again, we are left scratching our heads and wondering how the Japanese, among the world's finest nuclear engineers, could have allowed such a disaster to proceed. The conspiracy theories out there only serve to obfuscate the issue, but the issue itself, that the explosions may have been deliberate, won't go away. But it should not surprise us, since similar efforts involving nano-thermite are now being advanced, in some very serious quarters in fact, to explain the "dustification" of the twin towers, and, indeed, there are those once again advocating exotic forms of "mini-nukes" as explanatory devices.  It is intriguing to me that, in both the Fukushima case and in the 9-11 case, those advocating such revised conspiracy theories, seem to have some sort of connection to the US government.