September 14, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Last week, while the American "news" media was reporting on President B.O.'s latest "save my job" Keynesian speech before the joint session of Dummycrooks and Republithugs, and reporting on the Republithug presidential debate - with, of course, the usual press denunciations of Ron Paul as a fringe candidate with no chance and, in one commentator's case, a "loon," - the German supreme court handed down a decision that allows Chancellor Angela Merkel's European bailout of the EU and closer integration with France to press forward.

(See the following Daily Bell article:

German Court Makes EU Survival More Difficult)

Now, I'm not anywhere near being an expert in the German Grundgesetz or "foundational law," their equivalent of our constitution, though at one time I possessed an old copy of it(which unfortunately I cannot find!). Obviously, though, the Germans are no less rational than French, British, Russians, or Americans, and find it difficult to understand why their country, with its relatively healthy export driven economy, is responsible for bailing out the likes of Greece. But as the article points out, that strategy to save the euro and the EU could, in fact, backfire, pulling down the healthier economies, exposing the inability of their central banks to deal with the crisis.

The Daily Bell it seems is correct, in my opinion, all the legalisms in the world won't trump mounting popular discontent as people lose homes and struggle to survive, and the problem for the banksters is, they know where the banksters live.

The problem avoided by the Daily Bell article, however, is its insistence that the EU, having no army, could not invade recalcitrant countries and bring them to heal. The problem is, this is nonsense, for while the EU has no army, the Big Two - France and Germany - do, and they're sizeable and well-equipped armies to boot, and Germany, as readers of my Nazi International will recall, wasted no time at all in the post-reunification years, flexing that muscle, first unilaterally recognizing breakaway Croatia, leading to the whole subsequent Bosnian mess, as well as pressuring Czechoslovakia, which, like Yugoslavia, is now broken up into more economically digestible entities. In Croatia's case, German diplomatic recognition of that country led quickly to its request to send "peacekeepers," and obligingly enough, Germany sent troops to do just that, beyond its borders for the first time since World War Two.

As we watch the EU rumble through its debt crisis, it also behooves us to remember that Qadaffi's monetary maneuverings led to France's initiation of the whole action that has now led to his demise, so we must not kid ourselves, Paris and Berlin will use their military muscle if they have to, to enforce the policies of the financial nuts running the EU show.

Eventually, however, that show will break down...people - and especially the Germans - are already seeing it for what it is. We are, as the article avers, in for an interesting few weeks.