6 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM SEPT 16, 2011”

  1. I find the idea of No-Fly zones (or rather, No-Approach zones) to be a rather good idea in principle but… Why now? And why only the Apollo 11 and 17 sites?

    This is rather interesting development for the moon conspiracy people and I for one would expect more discussion surrounding this issue.

  2. Riveting stuff…the moon is the key it would seem.

    Yes, I mean why would they be so worried about putting no go areas around past sites, if not?

    Love it!

    Ty Joe, for the excellent info as per

    1. I ran into some very interesting information provided by David Sereda involving NASA, UFO’s in space and David’s analysis of it all. Very convincing material…

  3. 1- The elections are 100% FIXED
    3- He would NOT even be allowed candidacy

    So….how’s Dr Ron Paul’s investigation of the Federal Reserve progressing?
    I feel so-o much better knowing that the good doctor is hard at work looking into this and will soon expose all of the wrongdoings of the Federal Reserve. [sigh]

    OMG!! … just received an email “the investigation has NOT EVEN BEGUN!!!!”

    Holy cow! What a surprise! And with the good doctor’s voting record, I was certain that by now he had uncovered enough evidence to put them all into the ‘clinker’.

    Oh well… maybe NEXT YEAR the investigation will actually begin… or perhaps the YEAR AFTER.. or the YEAR AFTER THAT…. or…

    1. Hi Joseph, Lady LaLa et al ~

      Joseph, let me beat you to the (spiked) punch of posting a significant pro-Ron-Paul poll: “Ron Paul Wins California Straw Poll” at http://www.Politico.com/news/stories/0911/63758.html (echoed at Fox & MSNBC, but NOT in LA Times titles — beating Perry by 15%+, but less scientific than your Gallup poll, which showed Ron Paul closing on Obama).

      LLL, Yes!: “1- The elections are 100% FIXED.” For a VERY humorous & still-relevant 14-minute audio on this phenomenon, see “Copulation Control: How America Got Screwed” (3-Nov-04) at http://www.kathymcmahon.utvinternet.com/mrn/audio/InsideTrackNews041103-1900.mp3. YES, Bush might not have been legally elected in 2000 & 2004; however, was Obama legally elected in 2008? See http://ObamaCrimes.com.

      LLL, Yes!: “2- Ron Paul is CONTROLLED OPPOSITION.” Well-connected political insider & lobbyist for the nefarious nefarium, Bruce Fein, is now Ron Paul’s senior legal advisor. See “The Greatest Plot against the Ron Paul Camp to Date: Who ‘Really’ Is This Bruce Fein?” by Sibel Edmonds at http://news.officialwire.com/main.php?action=posted_news&rid=171226.

      LLL, NO!: “3- He would NOT even be allowed candidacy.” IF & when Ron Paul is “allowed candidacy,” the purpose may be to enable the Banksters to 3d-Party-candidate launch Obama BACK into office (similar to Ross Perot oxymoronically launching Bill Clinton INTO office in 1992 against GHW Bush). Nevertheless, Americans may ‘veto’ this scenario.

      BOTH Clinton AND Obama (and Daddy Bush’s Boy George) may be pro-Nazi-descendant GHW Bush’s ‘boys.’ Since 1963, Daddy Bush may have been THE de-facto U.S G8+/NWO oligarch (ever since GHWB’s probable principal participation in the JFK assassination AND his 1981+ [attempted] usurpation of the Reagan’s presidency – see “Bush Senior Murdered JFK” at http://breakfornews.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=21993#21993).

      For one (1) not-so-pretty picture of Ron Paul’s vision for America, see “Visiting Ron Paul’s Fed-Free Utopia” at http://breakfornews.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=61629#61629.

      Since Bankster hegemony may soon expire, we may soon win this war… and the peace (and/or a sufficient ‘piece’).

      Illegitimi Non Carborundum!

  4. Anybody who has ever looked at a rental agreement knows that any property left behind is considered abandoned and free for the taking.

    Ahh…But you say, “NASA was NOT renting the Moon. NASA just left some hardware there.”

    OK. At sea, which technically speaking invokes admiralty law, a wrecked or abandoned vessel is free game for anyone who reclaim it. Stated simply, it’s “finders keepers.”

    This ridiculous “proposal” by NASA also amounts to nothing less than another control grid extending the NWO matrix into space. Besides, how is NASA, the OFFICIAL NASA going to enforce this when NASA can’t even put a man in orbit?

    “We do not claim to have reached perfection…but we have a system, and it works.” Oh, wait. THAT’S not NASA talking. Somebody else said that about something else.

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