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September 29, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well folks, it seems that Zbugnkw Brgzntzski (oh puh-leeze could we have some more vowels!?!?!?) or whatever-his-name-is, is at it again. Now, this article was sent to me by a friend, and normally, I would have glanced right over it, except it piqued my interest when I saw the name Brgszgwotz Zbgwkwhatsis, so I read his article (and as another aside, we here at would heartily encourage Mr. Brzstistozznskts Zqwtznnchtsi to legally change his name, preferably to something in Arabic or Swahili, with their abundant VOWELS> It may resolve that vowel-deficient-trauma-induced syndrome you're suffering, which gives rise to your hallucinations(see below)). Check this out:

[Zbigniew Brzezinski] Toward universal political culture

Well, at first glance, for those of us who've been quietly following this Rockefeller protege's "ouvre," especially his "Grand Chessboard" hallucinations, this article would seem to be a retreat from the unipolar one superpower world projected in his book by the same name. Take, for example, this passage, which at first reading, sounds like a retreat from the positions advocated in his last diminutive magnum opus:

"The 20th century was dominated by fanatical ideological efforts to recreate societies by brutal totalitarian methods on the basis of utopian blueprints. Twentieth century Europe knows best the human costs of such simplistic and arrogant ideological fanaticism. Fortunately, today, with the exception of some highly isolated cases, such as North Korea, it is unlikely that a new attempt at large-scale utopian social engineering could arise.

"That is largely so because in the 21st century, for the first time in human history, the entire world is now politically awakened. The peoples of the world are restless, they are interconnected, they are resentful of their relative social deprivations, and they increasingly reject authoritarian political mobilization. It follows that democratic participation is in the longer run the best guarantee both of social progress and political stability.

"In the global arena, however, the combination of rising populist aspirations and the inherent difficulties of shaping common global responses to political and economic crises poses the danger of international disorder to which neither Germany alone, nor Russia alone, nor Turkey alone, nor China alone, nor America alone can provide an effective response. Indeed, potential global turmoil ― coincidental with the appearance of novel threats to universal well-being and even to human survival ― can be effectively addressed only within a larger cooperative framework based on more widely shared democratic values."

The manner of Mr. Zgbzrzskoz's carefully worded response gives me pause, and it should you as well, for in his Grand Chessboard vision of the world on which would-be-Metternichs (which he assuredly views himself as being one) get to play Georealpolitik, the unipolar world of an American-dominated Central Asia ultimately morphs - by some obscure magical process -  into the grand and very utopian vision of a genuine global state, in which, be it noted, the Great Powers all get to play an updated version of the game "Congress of Vienna.' That means, as he himself has just implied, that stripping away all the verbiage of "democracy" and "brutal totalitarian methods" and "utopian blueprints", the Russians, Chinese, Germans, Americans, (insert Great Power Name here), are going to be calling the shots. In short, imagine a world of Dummycrooks and Republithugs extended globally, and you get the picture of Mr. Gbzqszazz's "democracy." But wait, there's more!

Having donned his preaching tabs, we then hear him intone this marvelous Introit:

"The time is thus ripe for translating the values and interests that bind us together into more comprehensive ties. That requires the deliberate promotion of genuine reconciliation between historically conflicting peoples.

"The EU would not exist today if it were not for the deliberate effort made by France and Germany ― not only on the official level but especially between their peoples ― to foster a genuine and deeply rooted national reconciliation. The EU could not have embraced central Europe if more recently a similar ongoing effort had not been pursued between the Germans and the Poles."

Uhm...excuse me here Mr. Zbbgibbz, but have you bothered asking any Greek, Italian, or Spanish people lately how they like the idea of living in a Europe dominated by Paris and Berlin? Why did you not mention Germany's post-reunification policies of allowing the Volksdeutsche in Poland to have dual citizenship, while denying Poles living in Germany the same opportunity, which happened in the immediate aftermath of the Wiedervereinigung? Have we forgotten Germany's virtually unilateral role in the crack-up of Yugoslavia, that artificial creation of global elites at Versailles, the same elites which you compliantly serve? or of the break-up of Czechoslovakia?

Don't get me wrong, I'm as much for global peace as is Mr. Mnxbzuzg, but I cannot envision the solution as being ever larger regional and eventually global governmental structures as being the solution. We need only to look at our own out of control, unresponsive, and runaway federal government, and then project that image, increased several orders of magnitude, to realize that this scheme, for all the flowery verbiage, is just another "top-down" solution. If Mr. Rbczkzlnski is trying to convince us that he's had a change of heart, I, for one, remain unconvinced. The only thing that has changed, in his formulae, is the begrudging extension of invitations to Asia to join the "Old West" at the conference tables of Vienna in 1814, or of Munich in 1938, where the "great powers" may, and do, and did, dictate the fates of the less powerful. If there is restlessness in the world right now, Mr. Gfdzxkibob, it is because an increasing number of people are waking up to this outdated playbook, and are increasingly, and rightly, cynical about anything emanating from people connected with old banking dynasties, whose behavior against many of those peoples is a matter of historical and indisputable record. IN short, you're full of globaloney.