For those of you following the European version of the financial mess, you'll have been noticing that all solutions and scenarios seem to revolve around Berlin, in some nightmarish fantasy that must have 'Dolf smiling in whatever grave wherever he really ended up, smiling. Well consider these alternatives:

To solve the European debt crises, Germany must suffer inflation – or leave the euro

There it is: Europe's largest economy, and one of the world's largest export economies, must either undergo purposeful inflation and an economic slow down in order to bail out everyone else, or simply leave the Euro, and there are powerful reasons for Germany to avoid either alternative. Leaving the euro would inevitably force Germany to seek realignment with other economic blocs, and the only bloc that it could conceivable focus upon, a bloc large enough to trade with, would be the BRICs nations.

To a certain extent, under the government of Chancellorin Merkel, Germany has already expanded economic ties with Russia and mutual cooperation on Eastern European affairs, while walking the geopolitical tightrope of remaining in NATO. Germany also, it will be recalled, sat out of the recent NATO intervention in Libya, doubtless because one of its largest trading partners, China, had large interests at stake with Qaddafi's regime.

Enter the ever-"lovable" George Soros, who points out that as Germany bails out European country after European country, its influence grows accordingly throughout Europe:

Germany key to solving European debt crisis

My bet is that, so long as Chancellorin Merkel is able to convince the German population to go along with these plans, that Germany will stay the course, and that when one says "Europe" in the future, it will be a Europe increasingly marching to the discordant tunes called in Berlin and Paris, and on an increasingly independent path from the USA, and playing a balance of power act with the BRICs nations. In short, we are possibly looking at the beginning of a tri-polar world.

Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. marcos anthony toledo on September 2, 2011 at 1:40 pm

    I use to listen to the son radio program and he was expounding on this issue if Gremany gains control of Europe what name will it give it the Fourth Reich. the Holy Roman Empire or the Roman Empire. That leaves the Catholic Church how will it fare Germany has many scores to settle with it beginning with Hohenstaufen who last ruler of Holy Roman Empire was deposed and excuted in 1410 with the help of the church. Then there the fall of the Hohenzoilerns and Hapsburgs after the First World War and Germany division after the Second World War only the future will decide.

  2. Mr. Bhaird on September 2, 2011 at 7:03 am

    The more we dig, and the more we understand, the more we are anxious about is going to happen in the future. I personally hope that there is calm after the storm, as there always is in life… But these events have been building up for decades if not centuries and its bound to boil over, a small part of me hopes that the Germans do in fact play a prominent role if not THE role for the European nations/peoples. Weird huh? I simply cannot help it, I just fear what my children and my grandchildren would have to endure if China or Russia became top dogs.

    I also have a question Dr. Farrell, how does this all connect together, I mean all of the ancient races with the large skulls/ giants, the peoples on this earth and these “Nazis” who are slowly gathering political power. Other than an obviously harmful ideology, how does our ancient past tie in with these “Nazis”. What does God (the Gods) have in store for us?

    I have trouble piecing this all together.

  3. HAL838 on September 2, 2011 at 6:59 am

    Are there sides in these never-ending ‘conflicts’?

    (Or whatever they are, or someone says they are?)
    Is there a “them” and an “us?”

    I see no difference.

    Evil / Insanity runs and ruins all.

  4. Jon Norris on September 1, 2011 at 9:11 pm

    Germany is on the verge of the reawakening of the Nazi dream – world domination – or at least European domination. Given how the Nazi International has worked to strengthen Germany, often in secret ways, they are sitting in the catbird seat this time. The US is in no position to come to Europe’s help this time, having been hamstrung by the Nazi 5th column inserted into American society after WW2.

    As tensions rise, the mini ice age approaches, and the breakaway civilization is on the verge of some major change itself, we are in for some very interesting times. Could get really ugly (some would say it already is), but it could also open some doors to a much better world in the future, which is where I am casting my vote.

  5. Ralph Baumgartner on September 1, 2011 at 6:20 pm

    Anyone wishing to know the history of HWArmstrong need only go to the website also known as The Painful Truth, a play on HWArmstrong’s ‘free’ periodical The Plain
    Truth magazine.

    No writer could come up with a movie script to rival that of HWArmstrong’s life. Elmer Gantry was a piker in comparison.

    Gerald Flurry of the is a minister of one of many splinter groups that arose after the Armstrong Worldwide Church of God disintigrated.

    By their fruits………….

    As to when the apocalyptic world power combine will arise is anyone’s guess. HWAmstrong predicted it to be in 1972, now long since past.

  6. ROBERT DEFORD on September 1, 2011 at 8:14 am

    Adolf Hitler (Dolf ), didn’t consider his National Socialist party a movement; he thought of it as a religion. He saw himself as a religious leader. He was motivated and inspired by his evil god.

    then the article continues…

    Back in 1945, at the conclusion of World War ii and during the inaugural session of the United Nations, Mr. Armstrong said to his radio program listeners, “The war is over in Europe. Or is it? We need to wake up and realize that right now is the most dangerous moment in United States national history, instead of assuming we now have peace.” What this man warned about over 65 years ago is exactly what this world is coming face to face with today, though people are very ignorant about it.

    “Men plan here to preserve the peace of the world,” he continued. “What most do not know is that the Germans have their plans for winning the battle of the peace. Yes, I said battle of the peace. That’s a kind of battle we Americans don’t know. We know only one kind of war. We have never lost a war—that is, a military war—but we have never won a conference, where leaders of other nations outfox us in the battle for the peace. We don’t understand German thoroughness. From the very start of World War ii they have considered the possibility of losing this second round, as they did the first—and they have carefully, methodically planned in such eventuality the third round, World War iii!” This was really a warning from God—yet people laughed and scoffed.

    “Hitler has lost. This round of war, in Europe, is over, and the Nazis have now gone underground,” he said. “In France and Norway they learned how effectively an organized underground can hamper occupation and control of a country. Paris was liberated by the French underground, and Allied armies. Now a Nazi underground is methodically planned. They plan to come back and to win on the third try” (May 9, 1945).

    This man, Herbert Armstrong and his organization “The Church of Philadelphia”, has been anticipating and predicting (prophesying) for the last 66 years (Hmmm 66) that Germany will rise again in these “last days (or daze as most folks seem to be deeply involved in)

    Some years later, in the June 1952 Plain Truth, Mr. Armstrong wrote, “The United States is determined now to let nothing stand in the way of building up a rearmed independent Germany. This will be the heart and core of the united Europe, and that will revive the Roman Empire.”

    The February 1957 issue reminded readers, “Even during World War ii, while Allied bombers were busily pounding Germany to a shattered, bleak pile of rubble, Mr. Armstrong was warning his listeners and readers that Germany was going to rise again!” He was ridiculed for those warnings: People thought the world would never let Germany do such a thing. Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt signed an agreement saying, “‘It is our inflexible purpose to destroy German militarism and Nazism and to ensure Germany will never again be able to disturb the peace of the world.” Germany has the worst history of any nation when it comes to starting wars! Have we forgotten that it started World Wars i and ii?

    But what is happening today? How much do you know about what’s happening in Europe right now?

    In a letter to Plain Truth readers on July 24, 1983, Mr. Armstrong wrote, “The very first issue of the Plain Truth magazine appeared February 1934—just 50 years ago lacking about six months. The article starting on the cover page warned of a coming sudden appearance of a resurrected ‘Holy Roman Empire’ in Europe—a union of 10 nations in Europe under one government, with one united military force. For 50 years I have been crying out to the world the Bible prophecies of this coming ‘United States of Europe’—a new united superpower perhaps more powerful than either the Soviet Union or the United States!”

    Thanks Joseph for picking up the torch of truth…

  7. Timothy Robert on September 1, 2011 at 5:44 am

    Eight picture from the top when you scroll down:

    Elysee Palace, Paris, Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2011
    Financial Crisis Luxury Architecture

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