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October 1, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

I'm sure you've all heard last about Joint Chief of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen's accusations about Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence Agency being involved in the bombing of the US Embassy in Kabul. But if not, here's the links to the New York Times, London Daily Daily Telegraph, and BBC versions:

Mullen mauling shows patience wearing thin with Pakistan

Pakistan’s Spy Agency Is Tied to Attack on U.S. Embassy

Mike Mullen: Pakistan is \'exporting\' terror

It is the BBC article that gives one pause, particularly the statements of Admiral Mullen and the conclusions that this shill for the Anglo-American establishment(meaning the BBC), drew from them: "'With ISI support, Haqqani operatives planned and conducted that truck bomb attack, as well as the assault on our embassy.'

"No caveats there: his language suggests that the US has conclusive proof of Pakistani support for those Haqqani operatives, not just intelligence that might suggest involvement."

Then there is this: "But recent events, he says, are trying the patience of the White House and Pentagon.

"'My sense is there's been something of a sea change within government, and now there's less of a willingness to put up with this,' he says.

"'The attack on the US embassy compound marked something of a new chapter. It was an attack directly on US personnel and it was very high profile.'

"Analysts say that the ISI helps train and resource the Haqqanis, who are allied with the Taliban."

Well, there you have it... more "war noises" from the USA. Indeed, I watched Faux news and their commentators were, to a man (and in a couple of cases, to a woman) all agreed that this was "an act of war." And the concern here is, that Pakistan, unlike Iran, is already a nuclear power, as everyone well knows. So, following the Bush doctrine of pre-emption, if so much war noise is being made over Iran because of the danger of nuclear weapons falling into radical Islamic hands, the pattern here is consistent: the same would have to apply to Pakistan, if not much more so. Additionally, as we all know, the ISI apparently helped hide "Bin Laden" at the compound that where he was recently killed...and of course, readers here at this site will know my misgivings about that whole story.

Now what really bothers me here is the deeper story... It was, for example, a Pakistani banker that, along with US "insider" and former defense secretary, the late Clark Clifford, who helped found the notorious Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), the notoriously corrupt front for intelligence agencies to launder money. When the "bank" went under, the tentacles connected to the Vatican Bank scandals of the 1980s, to Gerald Bull and his "super gun" project for Iraq...literally everything seemed to be connected to everything else. And of course, the ISI was involved back then too.

The point is, the relationships between the hidden intelligence players has always been incestuous, and nowhere more so than in Pakistan's case... this is a story to watch very carefully....