October 16, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

You may not have heard of this story, but it is one that my co-author Scott D. deHart and I touched upon in our book The Grid of the Gods, namely, human sacrifice:

Where child sacrifice is a business

Child Sacrifice in Uganda

I cite here the salient points from the second linked pdf.file above:

" The crime of Child Sacrifice is a growing problem in Uganda. A number of socioeconomic and cultural factors have been highlighted in an attempt to explain the sudden increase in the occurrence of Child Sacrifice in recent years. Analysts have attributed the practice to poverty, weak legislation and poor parenting.13 6.2. The sacrifice of animals as well as herbal remedies are prescribed by witch-doctors to people who desire personal financial prosperity, the success of a business venture, the settling of a dispute, and personal happiness and health."

Beyond the obvious barbarism and cruelty of the practice is the obvious irony of it. How could such an abomination recur in the supposedly sophisticated 21st century, even in a backward country like Uganda? After all (we might tell ourselves), Uganda is not entirely isolated from the rest of the world. They have telephones, computers, and the internet even there.

But I notice a disturbing connection of the themes Dr. de Hart and I explored in Grid of the Gods, i.e., the inevitable coupling of the idea of bloody sacrifice with the idea of prosperity, and a debt or placation owed to God or the gods. I say "God or the gods" because, as Dr. de Hart and I noted in our book, the idea of sacrifice being the payment of a debt owed to obscure divinities is as much a part of the Christian influence at work in our western civilization as it was to the Aztecs. (See our chapter in Grid of the Gods entitled "Humanity in Debt: The Anomaly of Human Sacrifice in the Aztecs and Anselm".)  As a glance at the above quotation from the report Child Sacrifice in Uganda notes, the same doctrine of a debt owed to the gods who in turn promise prosperity is once again in evidence, and the only ones in Uganda getting richer are the witch doctors and priests performing their murder in the name of these obscure "deities".

It should not, however, surprise us that the doctrine and practice are reemerging in our "oh so modern scientific age," for if one strips away the rhetoric, and substitutes "Banksters" for "gods" and "debt" for "sacrifice" one sees the connection in the ponzi scheme, for once again, we are being told that in this "closed system" worldview, debts and the payment thereof to the very people propagating the debt mythology will somehow bring prosperity.The only difference is that the lifeblood of our own civilization is being drained away more slowly, foisted on our children and grandchildren and even I would dare to say, our great grandchildren.

The actual practice, however, raises another disturbing possibility, one that I suspect many of us already entertain, namely, that the endless kidnappings of children the world over, might be in aid of a similar grizzly purpose by our own "witch doctors" who - for the moment at least - thankfully cannot practice their barbaric priestcraft openly. The late Fr. Malachi Martin - the Roman Catholic priest whose life became the basis for the famous movie, The Exorcist - once stated on the old Art Bell show that he knew that many of the most prominent families of the super- and idle-rich in this country were deeply involved in all manner of black magic occult practices, and in his last novel, Windswept House, made no secret of what those practices were: bloody human sacrifice.

With respect to the whole matrix of debt, gods, sacrifice, and the "promise" of a prosperity that never seems to come, I find myself increasingly in agreement with Voltaire: Ecrasez l'enfame!