October 5, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

The past few days I've been blogging about archaeological matters, and yesterday I suggested the ultimate archaeological heresy that the mystery of Teotihuacan would never be resolved until archaeologists looked beyond the Americas to do so. Such things would seem, to me and co-author Scott D. deHart, rather obvious, and that raises the whole issue of whether or not such reluctances, when they occur, are deliberate.

Well, I recently acquired a book called  The Forbidden Archaeologist by Michael Cremo, one of my favorite authors and certainly one of the world's best known "heretics" for his temerity in question archaeological and evolutionary dogmas and reconstructions of human history. This book is a collection of essays and articles Cremo had written for Atlantis Rising magazine, and it is well worth the money. In it, appearing as the second chapter of the book, is an article entitled "The China Connection:Conspiracy, Archeology, and the Rockefeller Foundation."

Cremo notes that the  grants by the Rockefeller Foundation under the family patriarch largely and originally went to various Baptist churches, since the family was Baptist (ever wonder why there are so many Baptist churches? But in that, as they say, there is another very long story, one, perhaps, for a future book....) But beginning in 1928, under John D. Rockefeller Jr., the structure of the foundation, and its goals, were deliberately turned by the Junior Rockefeller into a secular direction. The Foundation was divided into five divisions: "international health, medical sciences, natural sciences, social sciences, and the humanities."(p. 8).

The purpose for this division, as one Rockefeller academic later put it, was that "It seemed clear in 1932... that the biological and medical sciences were ready for a friendly invasion by the physical sciences.... The tools are now available for man's central nervous system really operates, how he thinks, learns, remembers, and forgets.... Only thus may we gain information about our behavior of the sort that can lead to wise and beneficial control." (p. 8, citing Warren Weaver, emphasis added)

But what has all this to do with archaeology, you may ask? According to Cremo, it has a great deal to do with it, for in the very year that these reforms and goals became part of the platform of the Rockefeller Foundation, it funded the archaeological and paleontological research of the American Davidson Black made his now famous discover of Beijing man, Sinanthropus, which discovery, with aid of Rockefeller Foundation money, was touted all over the world as the latest confirmation of evolutionary theory.

...and people wonder why I am skeptical of the grand scenario of Zechariah Sitchin, who had his offices in Rockefeller Center...