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October 14, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

I've talked quite a bit in some of these blogs about the BRICS nations - Brazil, Russia, India, and China - as being the up-and-coming economic and geopolitical bloc. Well, not so fast, says the Daily Bell:

BRICs Begin to Crumble?

The article is, of course, correct, as far as it goes. It is true that the Chinese economy suffers from all the problems of planned economies in general, there are empty cities, skyscrapers, and shoddy constructions. It is true that Brazil and India suffer from the same problems of central banking as the USA and the rest of the West.

But I am bold to suggest that, for once, the Daily Bell article does not go far enough. The BRICS nations will not fall apart, simply because the geopolitical imperatives that they face will compel them to continue to work together, and in China's case, this will only result in an increased pressure toward more democratization and an eventual end of the Communist party's political monopoly. There may be crackdowns, as in Tienamin square, but eventually it will happen. And like it or not, China is an industrial power, and will stay that way. The geopolitical imperative to resist the increasing adventurism of the West will force these nations, if they are to retain access to needed energy resources in central Asia and South America, to work together.

Which leaves the problem of central banking: what we are really witnessing, world wide, is the meltdown of that system, and mad, indeed, insane calls by the banksters for more of the same policies: bailouts, more monetized debt "money" in circulation, while real production and technological progress falter. The problem now is, as the Daily Bell itself, along with other internet news organs, has pointed out, is that millions of people world wide are waking up to the real problem: the banksters themselves, and the whole idea of monetized debt as currency.

In short, as I've argued elsewhere and earlier this week, we are in one of those genuine historical changes from one era to the next, the sort that happens once every 500 years or so. It will not be easy, nor without fits and starts. The banksters have only one recourse left, as they used with Qaddafi, and that is force, and that means that they are losing the war of ideas. Debt-free money works, this is the proven record of history: the thirteen colonies proved it, Abraham Lincoln proved it.