Joseph makes several announcements, comments very briefly on the death of dictator Qaddafi, China, oil, and the western bankers, and there's a cameo appearance by Mike Flanchered to announce the new show BennettTalk...

10 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM OCT 20 2011”

  1. Joseph, I have the “Saucers” book on pre-order.
    Do you have a title for the book that will published by
    Feral House?

  2. The Chinese have a saying: “Careful what you wish for…”

    I have a friend from Libya. Whilst they fled the dictator’s grasp, when we were only kids, they lament what happened for now the people of Libya will have not much in comparison to before. Qaddafi did provide free healthcare and education, paid large sums to help new families build their houses, etc. Now that the wonderful world of free enterprises can take from Libya everything it can while cheerfully brandishing a silly freedom flag, the Libyan people will truly get what they fought for: utter exploitation, no more free healthcare, education etc. Welcome to “Democracy”.

    Reminds me a poster I had showing a B-52 dropping bombs with a large caption “Democracy, we deliver!”.

  3. I agree with Cognitive Dissident (great screen name, by the way) that Gaddafi was probably NOT behind Lockerbie. If he is truly now dead (you can tell I don’t believe anything they tell us anymore), we will never know MANY of the secrets that I’m sure he carried and you gotta know that he knew where a LOT of bones are buried!

    It’s a terrible thing when one find that one is cheering for the BRICS nations against the octupus strangling our own and the rest of the world as well. But this banking cabal has got to go. It is clear that those other countries have no problem seeing exactly what and who they are dealing with. It is a shame that our country (USA) is so brainwashed and unaware. If they could just know the history they would be able to see the pattern as it unfolds, as it is doing now.

    Thank you, Dr. Farrell, for being one of the more erudite and articulate exposers of just how they work and why they work. And with WHAT do they work, and for WHY!

    Can hardly wait for your next two books…and the e-books, too, I suppose. But I, too, love physical books. Glad to hear there may be an option for print-on-demand. Printing off ebooks takes up more paper, space and lousy binding than just having the book! If it is really a pamphlet, maybe that is OK. But not if it has more than 20 pages…

    1. Actually, it was Russian tech that created and tested it.

      Where do I get this stuff(?)
      How do I know(?)

      It works by ‘anti-gravity’ that the mainstream and
      ‘useless eaters’ think no one has a clue about.

  4. thanks for the “print on demand” option (and please keep that available for as long as possible): like you I want hard copies.

    I am no expert since I stay away from ebooks, but I have had experience with ebooks that you could not even print out and put in a binder (darn!)..

    Gotta have those hard copies.

  5. Glad to hear you are moving to E-Books. Kindle allows me to highlight, take notes, and look up stuff instantly on the net. Once I finish a book, I have all those notes on one sheet with the ability to go to corresponding pages instantly. I love my physical library, but E-Books allow me to take it all with me wherever I go.

  6. Cognitive Dissident

    Look forward to the new book on alchemy! But just wanted to comment about Lockerbie. Dr Farrell, do you really think Libya was behind this? Just research a bit and read the Private Eye report, it is clear Libya is at best highly unlikely to be behind this…

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